Name Change in NDMC Birth Certificate

Name change in NDMC Birth Certificate: Changing one’s name in Birth Certificate is a legal process that is opted for by individuals for various reasons ranging from marriage, or divorce to cultural or religious reasons. For India, The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is responsible for registering, accounting, and issuing birth and death certificates of the populace.

Now, being the era of advanced technology and the internet, the previously arduous procedures one had to go through to change the names on their birth certificate has become much simpler and easier to execute.

To change the name of the NDMC birth certificate online, the government has taken the process onto the internet, making it easily accessible to people throughout the country.

documents required for Name Change in NDMC Birth Certificate

What is Birth Certificate?

In layman’s terms, a birth certificate is an essential and legal document that acts as proof of a person’s identity. If this gets subjected to any discrepancies or errors, it can lead to various major complications in one’s life.

NDMC recognizes the importance of accurate information on the birth certificates it issues and has thus prepared a smooth sailing path for individuals seeking name change on their birth certificates via online name change in NDMC birth certificate.

Who can apply NDMC Birth Certificate?

NDMC birth certificate can be applied for by parents/adult siblings/head of the household/relatives by filling out the necessary application. However, the name change in NDMC birth certificate online can only be performed by either parents or siblings of the individual.

Essential documents required for Name Change in NDMC Birth Certificate

As legal identity proof, any correction or addition of name in the birth certificate requires other government-issued documents to be collected and verified first. These documents include:

  • Application form – The application form for name change can either be obtained from the NDMC office or their official website. It should be filled out accurately.
  • Identity Proof – A copy of any government-issued identity proof such as Voter ID, Adhar Card, PAN Card, etc.
  • Address Proof – A copy of any government-issued address proof such as passport, driving license, etc.
  • Original Birth Certificate – In case of correction or name change.
  • Affidavit – An affidavit stating the reasons for the name change which is then duly signed by a notary must be prepared.

Process to Publish a Gazette Notification

The individual is required to publish a Gazette notification after obtaining a court order.

Affidavit of Name Change

A name change affidavit is required for gazette publication. Name changes reason should be explained in affidavits.

Publication in a newspaper

Name changes should be announced in two local newspapers in the area where the individual resides, one in English and one in the local language.

Gazette Publication

Once the gazette officer has verified your documents, your notice will be published in the Gazette.

Applicants should prepare their submissions according to the required format, including the fee receipt and any other relevant documentation. As per the schedule for publishing the Gazette, the Notification will be published on a certain date.

Steps to apply for the NDMC Birth Certificate:

To change the name on the NDMC birth certificate online one needs to visit the official website of NDMC ( and then proceed with the following steps:

Website – Go to – online services – then select the – birth certificate – option in the dropdown menu.

Interface – A form opens up asking for the registration number and details, which can be filled but if not registered, then create an account by providing the required details.

Forum – After creating and successfully logging in to the account find the application for name change in NDMC birth certificate and fill in the necessary details.

Documents – Upload the scanned copies of the required documents you collected beforehand in the provided format.

Review and submit -Thoroughly review all the information you filled in and then submit.

Payment – The online platform will provide a safe and secure path for payment of the required fee. The amount is specified on the website.Verification – After submission of the application and payment of the fee, the NDMC administrative officials will verify the provided information and conduct any required background checks. They may contact the individual regarding any confirmation or verification.

Download NDMC Birth Certificate Online

If going through an online procedure, after the successful verification of documents and proper application processing, the NDMC will issue a new corrected birth certificate containing the required changes. This new birth certificate can then be downloaded from the official website of NDMC after logging in.

If the applicant has submitted the filled hard copy of the application at the NDMC branch office or any other government-specified venue then they will be later contacted by the NDMC for the document verification and application processing and upon completion they will issue the new amended birth certificate.

When to register to get a birth certificate?

A period of 21 days from birth, has been prescribed by the government for free registration of the birth certificate of the newborn by filling up the form prescribed by the Registrar. Verification is then issued after verification of the actual records with the concerned hospital.

However, if there are any cases of individuals having not registered during birth or within this allotted period, the certificate is issued after proper police verification is ordered by the respective authorities.

If registration is not done within the specified period, it can be done within a year by paying a late fee.

If even done within a year, registration can be made by submitting the affidavit to a first-class magistrate who later verifies the details and after confirmation issues the order to Registrar to register the entries and provide the birth certificate.

Difference between Birth Registration and Birth Certificate

Birth Registration, as the term suggests, is the registration of an individual upon their birth. It is official and legal evidence of a person’s existence that is properly accounted for by a part of the government, NDMC.

Where a Birth Certificate is a legal identity document that records the birth details of a person after the completion of the birth registration process. This serves as proof of identity for the citizens of the country.

Benefits of Birth Certificate Registration

The birth registration of the citizens is not only a means for keeping account of the population but also to provide benefits to the registered citizens which in turn helps in the nation’s planning and citizen satisfaction.

Birth certificate registration has many benefits:

  • It is a basic legal document that serves as Identity proof to every citizen of the country,
  • It imparts several rights such as the right to inheritance, schooling, voting, access to banking, etc.
  • It is fundamental to a person’s individuality and allows one to enjoy social and public facilities such as education, employment, community participation, etc.
  • It entitles one to be provided with fundamental human rights such as vaccination, healthcare, community services etc.


Q1. Can I change the name on NDMC Birth Certificate?

A1. Yes, you can change the name on an NDMC birth certificate through a name correction or name change process.

Q2. Can I change the name on the NDMC birth certificate for a minor child? 

A2. Yes, you can change the name on an NDMC birth certificate for a minor child. The process generally requires the consent of both the parents and legal guardians.

Q3. How long does it take to change the name on the NDMC birth certificate?

A3. It may take several weeks to months, depending on the issuing authority and the completion of the required verification and documentation process.


In conclusion, changing the name on an NDMC birth certificate online requires following the specified procedure, providing supporting documents, and contacting the NDMC or relevant authority to request the necessary corrections or amendments online. 

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