Name Change In Education Document – Name Change Procedure For Educational Certificates

Name Change In Education Document – Education documents are documents that students receive after completing an academic period. When a student completes high school the school provides the student with a certificate of completion which is termed an educational certificate. Such certificates are also received by students on completing a degree or course which would help them in getting a job and can also be used for future endeavors. That is why such certificates must contain the proper details of a student as it would come in handy to get the correct details of a student while applying for a job or anything else. So if a student has changed their name they need to make changes in their educational certificate. This article will help all those who want to know the procedure for name change in education document so that everybody can have correct documents with correct details.


Reasons For Name Change In Education Document

Just like people change their name in their legal documents due to various reasons like that only a student’s educational certificate might have some shortcomings or some error that is mandatory to be corrected. 

Below you will find the common reasons for name change in education document:-

  • There might be spelling mistakes in the name of the student, their parents, or spelling mistakes in the address, etc.
  • The student might not be satisfied with their current name due to which they change name.
  • Due to astrological reasons or religious conversion also students change their names in education documents.
  • The gender of the student might have changed due to which it is required to correct the education certificate.
  • The information that is mentioned in the certificate might be incorrect.

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Importance Of Educational Certificates

Educational documents are very important for a student who doesn’t have any job as these certificates work as credentials in a student’s life and help them to get their dream job. Today education is growing rapidly and it is important to keep all the educational documents safe with you so that your chances of landing a job may increase. Apart from this, education certificates also serve as proof of identity for a student in completing their academic period. 

Some of the importance of education certificates are as follows:-

  • Helps In Attaining Jobs In The Market- An education certificate will help an employer to see if a particular candidate is appropriate for a job or not and if they fulfill the requirements of the job. If a student has all the documents it would make them easier to get a job. 
  • Recognization Of Academic Score Or Accomplishment – When a student completes a degree or course or any type of study they receive a certificate on completion of any course which makes them feel satisfied and such an educational certificate increases the value of the subject making them important in a student’s life. 
  • Get Admission To The Student’s Favored College- Academic certificates like 10th and 12th will help a student in landing their dream college and an education certificate will state the percentage of a student which will make a university sure to take the student in their college or not.

Document Required For Name Change In Education Document

If a student is planning to go through the process of name change in education document then they must put together the below-mentioned documents so that their process would be done without any breakage.

  • The affidavit of name change will be needed
  • The student will require two copies of the newspaper article that has been published 
  • A deed of the name-changing form will be needed
  • A student might also need a copy of an AADHAR card, PAN card, or any other legal document for identity verification.

The Procedure Of Name Change In Education Document

The process for name change in educational certificates like graduate degrees, 10th or 12th certificates, etc is of five steps and students should follow every step with sincerity.

Affidavit Submission

The first step in the procedure of name change in the Educational certificate is to get an affidavit of name change from the notary that should contain the details like new name, old name, full address of the student, information of their parents, and the reason of the name change. The affidavit that has been prepared should be properly notarized and should be in the correct format. 

Ad In Newspaper

The next thing that a student has to do is to tell everybody about their name change. Students have to form two articles one in their regional language and the other one in English and the articles should properly mention the details of the student with their old name, new name, and the reason for a name change. Both the articles should be published in their respective newspapers so that everybody could know about the new name. 

Gazette Notification

After the articles have been published you are moved on to the most important step which is to publish your new name in the Official Gazette of the state you are living in. You have to make a deed of name changing and submit it to the Gazette and submit the newspaper articles and the affidavit with it. 


This is the crucial stage where all the documents submitted by a student are verified by the Department of Commerce. For verification, you have to send a message by following the below instructions:-

  • A letter should be made and submitted to the secretary about your name-changing process. 
  • The deed for a name change
  • You will also need two copies of the newspaper articles.
  • A photocopy of the affidavit that can be self-attested.
  • A photocopy of the identity of a student will also be needed. 
  • Approval 

After the authorities have cleared all your documents and the procedure they will get a approval for name change in Education document. 

As you have followed all the steps and your application is approved by the authorities now you have to inform your college or schools about your new name.

Important Points To Be Noted

Some points need to be considered while you are applying for a name change in Education document.

  • The schools or colleges only change the name of the students who are still studying there and those who have left the institution have to go through a lot of legalities and paperwork.
  • Students should submit all the name change certificates with the forms that are required to submit with the application form.
  • There are some circumstances in which marriage certificates, divorce certificates, etc are all applicable.
  • After following the procedure of name changing process students are advised to inform the educational institution personally or by mail.
  • Apart from the above points, it is also required that the name should be changed officially in front of the court of law.


This article is for people who still think that educational certificates are of no use. These certificates are the most important which would help students in getting admission to their preferred colleges, get jobs, and hold some benefits from the government. So a person needs to check if the details mentioned in their education certificate are correct or not if it is not then it is very important to apply for a name change in education document. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to change the name on the Education certificate?

Ans. The cost of a name change in an Education document depends on the state. In some states it will cost around Rs. 3000 and in some it will be around Rs. 5000. So it varies from state to state.

If I have legally changed my name then is it mandatory that I have to change my name in Educational certificates?

Ans. If you have legally changed your name then it is important to inform your school authorities so that all your documents match accordingly and no discrepancy should be there in the documents.

How can I publish my new name in the Official Gazette?

Ans. In the process students are required to publish their new name in the Gazette of India, so you can visit the Official Gazette office at your nearest location fill out an application form for name change, and pay the fees so that officially your name will be changed.

After going through the process of name change in Education document, will I receive the new education certificate?

Ans. Yes, once your application is approved for name change by the authorities, then you will inform about the same to your school registrar and in a few weeks you will receive a new education certificate with your new name and you have to pay some fees to the school for the new education certificate.

Can I change my father’s name on the education certificate?

Ans. Yes, you can change your father’s name on the education documents and for this, you will need certain documents like; proof of your father’s name change, identity proof of old name, address, age, legal identity of your father, and the application of your father’s name change. 

If my 10th and 12th marksheets both have different names then what should I do?

Ans. In this case, you will need only one affidavit and follow through the process as it is mentioned above when you inform your school registrar inform them about how your 10th and 12th certificates both have a different name and you want an update from that name and for this, you might have pay double amount to the school as to rectify mistakes in both the certificates. 

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