How to Get a Single Status Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

Get a Single Status Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh: Single status certificates indicate a person’s marital status as single, thereby allowing them the freedom to marry. It certifies and identifies a person’s eligibility for marriage per judicial authentication within a particular country of origin.

Any legally divorced, widowed, or bachelors can get this document if they submit all the required evidence. 

Interesting, right? So claim your bachelorhood and jump-start a new chapter in your life. Refrain from troubling yourself with doubts of hows and what. Just continue to read on. 

According to the country’s judiciary’s verification, it is a sworn statement proving that the affiant is single. This document is the legal license that shows the capacity to perform marriages in any country. Divorcees may also apply for a single status certificate to begin a new marriage journey.

The purpose of this document, no matter what it is called in different countries, is the same: to prove the individual’s bachelorhood.

Reasons For Getting a Single Status Certificate

For individuals planning to solemnize and establish a marriage abroad, there is some important paperwork to attest during the procedure, and this Single Status Affidavit is one of them. This affidavit is required if one plans to marry outside of their native country and doesn’t have citizenship of the currently residing country.

The personal, legal and educational credentials provided by you need to be verified for authenticity by the residing country, so they require proof that the documents you possess are true, and they do so by accepting the apostille of the specific country. 

Almost all European countries and some Asian countries have made it mandatory to submit a Single Status Letter to prove bachelorhood prior to obtaining a marriage license. However, Arunachal Pradesh does not make it mandatory to prove the singlehood of the individual prior to marriage. As non-residents, overseas citizens, or persons of Arunachal Pradesh origin, if you wish to marry a foreign individual, this document must be submitted to the resident nation. 

What documents are required to get a bachelorhood certificate in Arunachal Pradesh?

The documents to be submitted by a bachelor, a divorcee, or a widower are similar. In the latter cases, they must supply additional evidence to verify their status. Let’s go through the documents required by the former first.

For a Bachelor:

  • Passport or Visa as National Identity proof
  • A witness statement and a letter from parents stating that the affiant is single
  • Aadhaar/Voter ID/Rental agreement/Bank passbook as address proof
  • Passport/Aadhar/Birth certificate/School certificate/NABC as Date of birth proof
  • Voter ID/Aadhaar of parents for proof
  • If the affiant’s name has been changed by deed poll, proof of that is necessary.

For a Divorcee or a Widower: In addition to the aforementioned documents, the following must be submitted to verify their status. 

  • If legally divorced, Decree Absolute
  • If widowed, the death certificate

Who issues this certificate?

As mentioned earlier, Arunachal Pradesh does not mandate to prove the single status of the soon-to-be spouse. But it offers legal services by the competent authorities to provide the document for the required individuals. 

Local courts, SDM, and DM, are all authorized to issue the certificate. 

What is the Procedure to Get a Single Status Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh?

One can directly apply for the certificate or avail the services of online providers that can help them right from the beginning to the end of the process. In any case, the procedure involves 3 major steps. 

Attestation From The Notary Public : It is the initial step to begin the authentication process to get the affidavit notarized. The certificate can be procured from a local notary public after he/she verifies the documents submitted as evidence. He signs the affidavit and gets the document attested in the court. 

Attestation From the SDM or DM : Abbreviation for Sub-District Magistrate or District Magistrate, offer their services to certify the document. Take the notarized document to the SDM or DM of the court having jurisdiction over the residential address of the affiant. They verify and counter-attest the document and certify it. 

Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs : After verification, the affiant can get the affidavit attested in the Arunachal Pradesh Embassy operated under the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA apostilles, the affidavit, and the stamp of the ministry are essential for the acceptance by foreign countries. 

What is the process for a Single Status Certificate Apostille?

The Arunachal Pradesh Government has decentralized the process of Single Status Certificate Attestation and Apostille procedure. The individuals can manually submit for attestation till the SDM certification stage. They can follow the first two above said steps manually. However, they cannot directly go to the MEA for the rest of the attestation and apostille process. They may contact their RPO or EPS for further proceedings. 

Excellent Apostille Services : In short, EPS is an official private, non-government agency that gathers single status certificates from all over the country and hands them over to MEA for Apostille. This is the primary step to the Singlehood Certificate Apostille Process. 

Then the respective officials in the MEA can finally apostille the certificate after it has been attested by passing through the mandatory legal screening at the Home state level. 

How Much Time Does It Require?

Single Status Certification is a multi-step process which involves verification at different levels or organizations. The Apostille process alone takes about 10 to 12 working days. Combining the time to get an affidavit certified and get an apostille stamp on it may take 12 to 21 days. Mind that the time to get the certificate in your hands varies depending on the issuing place.  

How much does it cost?

The price varies from state to state and the process you choose. It depends on the type of agency you take on, the attendants, the apostille etc. The only fixed cost for sure is the amount that is paid to the MEA, and the rest is subject to the place and type. 

Format of Single Status Certificate

For any official legal document, the format varies with time and region. However, the key points ensured to be present in the affidavit remain ageless and provide a way for attestation by the Arunachal Pradesh Embassy. Bear these points in mind and include them while forming an affidavit. 

1. Sworn statement of the affiant :

  • It should be detailed include
  • Your name, age, date of birth and place.
  • Your parent’s name and address.
  • Self-swearing statement that you are eligible for marriage.

All are included in one or a few statements.

2. Sworn statement of Affiant’s parents :

  • The statement of the parents should contain the information as 
  • Name of your parents, their age and their nationality.
  • Their confirmation of you as their child.
  • Their statement swearing that you are eligible for marriage. 
  • All are included in one or a few statements. 
  1.  Statement of the Witness : A witness statement is usually required to support the claim of the applicant, so provide the statement in accordance with the applicant’s affidavit.
  2. Complete Date of Birth and Address : Mention the date of birth in full format and give the complete address in the native country and give sufficient requisite documents as proof. 
  3. Proof of Nationality : Having an Arunachal Pradesh passport supports authentication. Give the passport number with a validity period from the date of issue to the date of expiry. 
  4. Competent Authority’s Certification : At the end of the affidavit, the issuing authority has to verify the documents and certify with a valid signature and stamp.
  5. Make sure the justifying statements are present at each and every step of verification from the applicant to the certifying authority that says 

“ I confirm that all the above information is true and correct and if not am susceptible to punishment as per the law.”

And it includes the date of the application and the signature of the applicant.


Though the Arunachal Pradesh Government does not mandate the proof of a bachelor certificate prior to marriage, it does provide an apostille singlehood certificate for individuals who wish to kick-start a new stage of their life in a foreign land with foreign individuals. Though the process appears to be long and time-consuming, help is always provided by many such as EAS, so make sure to do your research before jumping right into the process. 

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