How to Get Single Status Certificate in Manipur

Get Single Status Certificate in Manipur: The single-status certificate is a bachelorhood certificate that is issued in the country.

It is also valid for those people who want or has divorced with his/her partner. It is also valid for Unmarried people who want to get married in other countries. According to law, It has one marital status.

In the case of marriage, this certificate shows that the person is single and doesn’t have any relation with their past marriage. The document gives a license to get married abroad.

According to the judiciary system of all nations in the world, there are three statuses of a person considered: single, divorced, and widower. DM and SDM give the document in the local courts. Only They have the right to issue the certificate.

Reason to Get Single Status Certificate in Manipur

The reasons behind getting this single status certificate are many. It seeks you from the problem of not getting an education abroad. Some of the reasons for issuing this Certificate are:-

1. Education

Many students dream of living in a foreign country and completing their education at a reputed college. But, In this case, the nation wants to get knowledge about your status or whether you are single or not. So, to overcome this problem, a person needs a Single Status certificate.

But In our country, these rules are not mandatory for all. you can easily get admission without having this certificate. but abroad you must have this document otherwise your admission will not be considered.

2. Marriage

We all are aware that Manipur is a country with a huge population. People travel from one city to another for their higher studies and career goals. In most cases, we see that if a person went to a foreign country for a job then they want to settle permanently in that country.

So for tying the knot in a foreign, it is important to have a Bachelorhood document. The certificate is also called a no-marriage record certificate. The certificate is important to show that your marital status is single and you are eligible to get married in a foreign country.

For example:- If you are an Manipurn and live in a foreign country and wanted to marry a guy who also lives in the same place but does not belong to Manipur then it generates problems in marriage so for this you want that single status certificate to show the nation that you don’t have any other marriage in your birthplace and you are status is single.

3. Eligibility of Government Schemes

In Manipur, there are schemes of the government that are only valid for single-status people. So to prove that you are single, the authority wants a Single status certificate. Through this certificate, they become sure about your marital 

status and then you are eligible to enjoy the profit of government Schemes.

4. Jobs

There are many companies in Manipur and abroad that offer certain posts which are only valid for unmarried people. So for having that post, you must have your single Status certificate.


What documents are required to get a bachelorhood certificate in Manipur?

For applying for a bachelorhood certificate, it is important to have some documents. Some important documents which you need for getting a bachelorhood certificate are:-

1. Birth Certificate:- It shows the person’s date of birth. You can also submit your school certificate as proof.

2. Affidavit, which shows that the person is single. It includes some personal data like name, identity, address, age and witness record on stamp paper.

3. Identification proof:- You can use your Passport and Aadhar Card as identification proof.

4. Residential address:- It consists of a bank statement or electricity bill. You Can also give your Voter ID card, Aadhar Card, etc.

5. Keep a passport-size photo with you

For widows and Divorce

If you are a widower then you have to submit the death certificate of your spouse. A decree absolute is required, and a person is divorced.

What are the procedures to get a Single Status Certificate in Manipur?

You can apply for a single status certificate in 2 ways.

1. If you are placed in a foreign then your parents or guardian will easily apply for this certificate. But for this, you have to write a letter and give Authorization to give authority to your guardian or family for applying the documents.

2. If you are not an Manipurn and want to get a wedding certificate from Manipur then you have to contact the Manipurn High Commissioner and submit all your documents properly.

3. Several agencies also help you to apply for these single Status certificates. These agencies are officially approved by the Manipurn government.

4. You can also contact Suvidha Kendra to apply for this certificate.

What is the Process for Single Status Certificate Attestation?

A single Status Certificate is a personal document that must need legalization. Here are some steps which you have to keep in mind for getting the certificate. It set about with the Attestation of a notary and last with consulate attestation.

1 The first step is an online submission. In this, you have to apply for a certificate online. For, investigation the police will come to your address for verification. Keep your all evidence with you.

2. Eyewitnesses play a main role in this verification. So keep them with you at that time.

3. In the verification process, you have to tell them that you are single and don’t have any relation with your prior marriage. Once the process of verification is done, the certificate will be given to the Department of State for document verification. 

4. These departments will approve your certificate by signing it and sending it to the Ministry of external affairs.

5. This is the last process where your documents are checked by your nation.

6. Your certificate is Authorized when your verification process will be done.

How much time does it require to Get Single Status Certificate?

The time duration is all upon the department and verification process. As we all know, government work takes time in work, so you have to calm your mind and be patient. it generally takes time of 8-10 days for the process but we can’t say anything because is all upon the department and their verification. Sometimes it gets extended up to weeks and months.

Who issues this Certificate?

The state home department works on Legalization of the personal document. It is also known as SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate). The certificate is given by authorities of that state or Union Territory of Manipur. 

Format of Single Status Certificate 

If you want to apply for a single status certificate then you have to follow it in a proper format. The candidate must have an affidavit with them that prove that they are single.

Here are some points which you have to add in your affidavit for getting the single status certificate. Here is a sample of the affidavit.

1. The affidavit begins with the letter I, then add (your name), son of your (father’s name), and mother’s name. Then you have to add your permanent address.

2. After completing the first step the second step is to add the statement that you belong to Manipur. Lastly, add your place of birth and date of birth.

3. Then you have to add your passport number and its validity date.

4. Add your important statement that you are Marital status is single and don’t have any partner in Manipur or a foreign country.

5. Add the statement that according to law, you are eligible to marry a citizen of any country.

6. Add about your mental and physical health in the affidavit.

7. In the last add the statement that every information you provided is correct.

8. Add your signature in the last. The sign of sub-divisional magistrates is also important on the paper.

Affidavit by parents

Parents can also apply for a single status certificate on behalf of the year’s children. Here is the following step through which they easily get to know about the affidavit.

you have to add your name in this way, We (name of parents), age, a married citizen of the country with a permanent address, again we state that we are the parents of (Candidate name ), Candidate age, address. We are the eyewitness for the statement that he/ she(the candidate) never got married till today. 

If you are parents of a divorced person then the format goes like this.

He/she(Candidate name) is now divorced and doesn’t stand on on his /her prior marriage.

In last, you have to add your Date of birth, Number of passports, full and permanent address, witness statement, and date of verification and signature.


A single status certificate is an important document that every person needs in their life. If you also want complete detail about the single status certificate then you come to the right page because this article deals all about the information of single status certificate. For more updates contact us.

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