How To Get a Single Status Certificate In Mizoram in Rs.999 Full Procedure

Get a Single Status Certificate In Mizoram: As the name suggests, a single marriage certificate is a legitimate document that proves that a particular person is unmarried or single. It is proof of the marital status of the individual. Also, this document certifies the single status even if they are divorced or widowed.

Reasons For Getting a Single Status Certificate

As mentioned earlier, this document is proof of the individual’s bachelorhood. Because of this, many foreign countries demand this to check the applied person’s background and marital status. It is also a required entry in immigration or official authorities for the person to engage in legal activities. This may include employment and studying purposes.

This also comes in handy when you enter other countries and plan to settle there. You may require it to tie a knot with someone in a foreign country. In addition to this, anyone hoping to join the military or CISF also needs this. It is also used to avoid crimes like polygamy and illegal marriages.

What Documents Are Required To Get Bachelorhood Status Certificate in Mizoram?

When applying for the bachelorhood certificate, you are asked to submit some corresponding documents. Almost all the documents are similar in the case of bachelor’s and divorce. But the former has to submit some additional documents compared to the latter.

For Bachelor:

  • This affidavit details the applicant’s address, identity, and witnesses (with their names) stating that the applicant is single.
  • Passport or Visa.
  • Birth certificate, NABC, school certificate.
  • Parents’ proof, identification I.D., Voter’s I.D., and Aadhaar card.

For Divorced/widowed, apart from the above-mentioned documents, they will have to present the following:

  • Decree Absolute if they are legally divorced
  • Death certificate in case of applicant’s spouse has left the world.

What is the procedure to Get a single status Certificate in Mizoram?

Given below are the standard procedure for getting the single status certificate:

  • You need to figure out where to apply to get a single status certificate. Typically the issuing authority is the Sub-Divisional. Magistrate(SDM), District of Marriage, or Register of Marriage.Although it may change depending on your state or district.
  • After figuring that out, you need to apply for the certificate.For this, acquire all the above-mentioned documents. Go to the relevant authority office to apply.Contacting them beforehand and enquiring about the procedures is generally a good thing.
  • Submit the application, and remember to retrieve all the documents and ids.
  • During the application, you’ll be asked to provide the application fee. Giving it will complete your registration.
  • Generally, after 15 days of submission, a police officer will visit your area to check for the verification process. Asking you about your background and marital status. It is mandatory to provide two witnesses for this process.
  • After completing this verification process, you can collect your certificate from the authority office.

The time for the procedure to finish may vary accordingly. It’s recommended to inquire about the expected timeline for completion of the whole process.

What is the process for a Single Status Certificate Attestation?

Getting attestation for the single certificate also requires several procedures. And also, the process can change according to the purpose. However, the following steps are usually followed.

By the applicant himself:

For the attestation process, you should have your certificate with you. Follow the previously mentioned steps to get your certificate.

With the certificate in hand, proceed to a notary office for notarization. They will typically verify the document and put the seal on it.

The next procedure is to get it attested by the authorities from your country. For that, you will be generally  asked to submit documents this may include the following:

  • Original single status certificate.
  • Passport
  • Notarized copy of the certificate.
  • Identity proof.

These documents will be checked by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). After which, they will provide the necessary attestation.

The next step is getting it attested by the Mizoramn Embassy. For this process, it is advised to enquire about the documents required. Generally, only the attested certificate and I.D. proofs are asked for submission. Also, the process may vary, and fees will be included. Anyway, the embassy will attest your certificate with seals and stamps

Now the final step is getting an attestation from the Embassy in Mizoram. The best way to get this done is by contacting them and asking about what they require. The procedures will be different on the circumstances.

  • Using apostille services:

This is a much more efficient and fast method than the previous one. Because you only need to give them the necessary documents, they will take care of the rest. And also ensuring everything is correct.

How Much Time Does It Require?

The time taken for the attestation may vary, with many factors coming into play.For instance, it may vary according to the country you opted for, the state from which you will get it, and document verification. Some will work out in a few weeks, while others may take one or two months. Because of that, it is recommended to ask about the expected timeline through each process. Also, that’s why it is a good idea to plan ahead.

Who issues This Certificate?

The government authority of Mizoram issues the single status certificate. Although this authority may vary with where the applicant resides. Generally, the District Magistrate, Sub-divisional Magistrate, or the register of marriage is responsible for issuing the certificate.

They are solely responsible for the procedures. Verify whether they are married, divorced, or single as they determine the applied individuals’ marriage status. These verifications are important because they provide the status on which individuals can legally opt for visas and abroad procedures.

Format of Single Status Certificate

The format of the single status certificate may vary with different authorities. Here is a common format used.

I (Name of the applicant), S/O of father’s and mother’s names reside at (ADDRESS),MIZORAM.Do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

1. That I am a Citizen of Mizoram.

2. I was born on DD/MM/YEAR at (place).

3. I hold a valid passport issued by the Republic of Mizoram and valid from DD/MM/YEAR to DD/MM/YEAR.

4. I am single and have never been married, and I have no living spouse in Mizoram or Abroad.

5. I am eligible to marry an adult Mizoramn or international spouse as per the extent of the laws of Mizoram or any other country.

6. to the best of my knowledge, the information provided herein is correct under Sections 193(2), 199, and 200 of the IPC.


This affidavit has been verified on DD/MM/YEAR to the best of my knowledge and belief to be true and accurate.

Signature of Deponent



This is how a single status certificate looks on paper.I tried to include as many details as possible and make it interesting. Thank you for having the patience to read through the whole content and hopefully learn something from it.

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