How to Gender Change in Patna | Procedure to Change gender in Patna

Gender Change in Patna: Gender change is also known as sex reassignment or gender transition. In this process, an individual goes through several changes to change their gender identity just to just with their gender expression. 

How to Gender Change in Patna?

Currently, Patna is growing fast, and so is its people’s thinking, which is why they are accepting gender change in Patna. There are still some people who view it as a taboo topic and a stigma. 

As the thinking of the people is changing, Patna is making significant progress in recognizing and giving equal respect to the LGBTQ community.  In the year 2014, the supreme court gave rights to the LGBTQ community and they got the tag of the third gender in Patna. 

But after all this had happened, discrimination against them still exists in various forms such as social exclusion, violence and employment discrimination. 

Reasons for Gender Change in Patna

The reason for changing gender varies from person to person. Some people don’t feel comfortable with the gender they are assigned from birth, some feel that their gender identity does not match with the gender they were assigned when they were born and some are identified as genderqueer or non-binary. 

Some people also wanted to undergo gender change because of social or cultural pressure they feel as certain professions and roles are restricted in Patna based on gender.

Documents Required For Gender Change in Patna

Documents Required for Gender Change in Patna

To undergo gender change there are several documents which are required by the people. These documents include: 

  • Medical Certificate which should be from a registered medical practitioner. 
  • An affidavit should declare the person’s gender identity.
  • And a sex reassignment surgery (SRS) certificate. 

These are some of the documents which are required to change the gender. Also one should keep in mind that the medical certificate should state the person who is undergoing gender change should be diagnosed with gender dysphoria and that person had undergone the same treatment. The affidavit which declares the gender identity should be signed by a notary public. 

Gender Change Surgery in Patna

Gender change surgery is also known by the name of sex reassignment surgery. It is basically a surgical procedure which alters the physical characteristics of a person’s body to the gender identity they are assigned from their birth.

In Patna, gender change is legal and one can go through the gender change without any intervention. Gender change should be performed under or by registered medical practitioners. 

The surgery is done for changing gender and undergoes several procedures, which include breast reduction or augmentation, genital reconstruction, facial masculinization or feminization. 

The one who wants to do the surgery should know that it is very expensive and can cost ranging from UNR 1.5 lakh to INR 4 lakh.

Process of Gender Change Surgery in Patna

To undergo the surgery of gender change in Patna, one has to go through several things. The process of gender change involves many steps which are mentioned below –

  1. First one person who wants to change their gender should undergo counselling with a medical practitioner which helps them to determine whether gender change surgery is appropriate for them or not. 
  2. Second of all, when the individual came to know that the surgery is appropriate then he/she should obtain all the documents which are necessary for the surgery. 
  3. Undergo the surgery.
  4. After the surgery is done, the individual must continue to take the counselling which is left and take care of the medical care.  

After all the steps are done, the surgery is complete and the individual can feel comfortable in the gender they actually wanted.

Process Of Gazette Publication

Affidavit of gender change

It is necessary to create an affidavit of gender change. The affidavit must specify the reason for the change.

Publication of newspapers

If you wish to change your gender, newspaper publications are essential.

Publishes in Pune Gazette:

The gazette notification can be published as soon as the verification certificate is obtained. The official government publication, will be published by the Department of Publication.

Benefits of Gender Change in Patna

There are many benefits to gender change and the benefits can be seen on two boats: one is for individuals and the other is for society.

For individual:

·  As the person feels whole in their own body which provides them a sense of validation and relief.

·  They get relief from the stress associated with gender dysphoria.

·  It provides access to medical treatments such as hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

For society:

·  Provides the idea of gender change.

·  Promote the acceptance and even understanding of diverse gender identities.

·  Also reduces the stigma and discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community.

·  It creates more familiarity and the individual feels included in the society.

·  Provides knowledge to the people and they start respecting the individual.

How to Change Gender in Legal Documents

An individual who wants to change their gender in their legal documents should provide the necessary documents which we talked about above. It includes a medical certificate, an affidavit, and the certificate of SRS. 

The process of changing the gender in different documents can vary depending on the type of document it is. Below are some of the steps given for different documents in which an individual wants to change their gender. 

Change Gender in Aadhar Card

To change the gender on the Aadhar card, the individual must visit the Aadhar Enrollment Centre which is nearby with all the necessary documents which are required such as a medical certificate, an affidavit and proof of address. Then,  the individual should provide them with proof of identity and the biometric data of them have been taken by the person responsible to change their gender.

After all of this, the request of an individual will be processed and a new Aadhar card will be issued based on their new gender information. 

Change Gender in Pan Card 

To change the gender in their Pan card, the individual must first request and submit their request form to their nearest Pan Card Centre. While submitting the form,  they should also submit all the necessary documents, such as a medical certificate, an affidavit and a certificate of sex reassignment surgery. 

After submitting the form and all the documents, the request of an individual is processed and they are provided with the new Pan Card with the updated gender information. 

Change Gender in Passport

To change gender in Passport, one must first submit their application regarding the gender change to the Passport Seva Kendra or the Passport Office which is nearby. The individual should also submit the medical certificate, an affidavit and an SRS certificate. 

After the request had been processed, the new Passport will be issued with the new gender information. 

Change Gender in Birth Certificate

An individual who wants to change their gender on the birth certificate must submit the application to the Municipal Corporation or the Registrar of Births and Deaths. On submitting the application they should also submit the required documents. The documents which need to be submitted along with the application are an affidavit, a certificate of SRS and a medical certificate. 

The request of the individual will get processed and a new Birth certificate will be issued which will reflect the updated gender.

Change Gender in Voter ID

To update the gender in the Voter ID, one must submit a request form to the Electoral office which is located nearby, along with all the documents which are required. The documents are should be submitted along with the form are the medical certificate, an affidavit, and a certificate of Sex Reassignment Surgery. 

The request will get processed, and a Voter Id will get updated with new gender information.


Gender change in Patna has come a long way in recent years. Individuals are getting the recognition of transgender people as a third gender and they are also getting legal rights. 

However, discrimination against them is also a point of concern still and are not accepting this completely. 

The process of changing gender is legal in Patna, individuals can undergo surgery but they are expensive as well. There are many benefits of changing gender. 

It is essential to continue advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Patna and work towards creating a more inclusive society for all.

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