How to Get Single Status Certificate in Punjab?

Get Single Status Certificate in Punjab: A single status certificate is legal to know about the marital status. With the help of a Unique Citizen Access Number, one can apply for the unmarried certificate. There are some reasons to get a single status certificate. 

  1. This paper is for certification about the marriage process
  2. They are planning to get married in another country
  3. The immigration people use to check them and verify them as legal ones.
  4. They can be able to apply for a divorce with a single status.

Required Documents to Get Single Status Certificate in Punjab

  1. Birth certificate
  2. School certificate
  3. Bank Passbook
  4. NABC
  5. Rental Agreement
  6. Aadhar card

Procedure to Get Single Status Certificate in Punjab

  1. Applying online for a single status certificate officially approved by the Punjab government authorities.
  2. Visit the DC office or Suvidha Kendra for a single status.

Visit the Punjab high commissioner with the required documents when you want to get a Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) from Punjab.

An authorization letter is needed to submit the authority by an individual to get your single status certificate in the absence of an individual.

In any country, it acts as a legal license. As per judiciary verification of the affiant, it is single.

If they are wedded previously, the bearer doesn’t depend on the previous marriage.

It is mandatory evidence for both bachelor & previously married.

It is a sworn document with a notary profile Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or District Magistrate (DM) from the local court. A-Grade Gazette officers are recognized. There is an authority to issue a certificate, known as a single-status affidavit.

When there is no particular government agency or set up to issue it when there is a need for the rise of affidavits. The applicant is to issue authority to the court. Equal values are there for the certificate and affidavit.


Reasons to Get Single Status Certificate in Punjab

Some of the reasons are

  • Employment
  • Higher Education
  • Tourism
  • Business events

If they are unmarried, it is mandatory to show the government people. It is known as Nulla Osta, CENOMAR (Certificate of No Impediment), bachelorhood certificate, and other countries. 

In Hague Members Countries, It is a crucial document called a Single Status certificate. When residing in the country, they act as a reference. This will act as proof of marital status.

With the help of Polygamy before happening, it acts as a safety measure for any government to prevent marital status.

The competent authority will have legal verification about the person’s status, declared in a stamp of verifying document and a document with a signature.

Preventing marital fraud which can prevent polygamy. Physical presence is needed to discover information. It is a big challenge for a foreigner.

Foreign governments, official bodies, and other immigration authorities must verify their marital status while entering another country. Engaging in other legal activities requires proof of single status.

The single-status affidavit is legal by the country’s consulates for non-members who are asked to apostille a document considered a single status certificate.

There are different names for the single status certificate. They are of

  1. Marriage ability
  2. Singlehood Certificate
  3. A certificate of no impediment
  4. Celibacy certificate

What is the process of the Single Status Certificate Attestation?

There are the following documents that are required for the single status certificate. They are of

1. Home department Attestation

2. Notary Attestation

3. MEA Stamp

4. SDM Attestation

5. Embassy Attestation

Home Department Attestation

The state home department will carry the legal for personal documents. There are exceptions to carrying out certificates for personal documents. Altering the documents which the officials employ. The personal document is the second step of legislation.

Notary Attestation

Before doing all other processes, there will be an involvement over the course of action which is performed by certification by a notary. It is one of the fundamental requirements which comes under the concerned certification. For personal and educational documents, it is a first step. One of the basic procedures which were done before other attestation procedures. In Notary public offices, it will have the Notary stamp, and the signature is required to authenticate the document. This is done to have genuineness over the document.

MEA Stamp

It is the last stage of authentication, which the home government did. It is applied to the document. It is related to external matters of the country by the central organization. The approval will take place only in the territory of Punjab. This document is being accepted as a legal one abroad.

Embassy Attestation

It is done by the concerned country personnel, which was attached for. The Ministry of external affairs takes it as the last stage of the certification. It is to verify the documents, acting as the document’s credibility. It is done to have a legal. This is done to get the expansion of the business in the particular area, residence visa, student visa, and employment visa. Recognized officials will carry out the entire process. Citizens are employed in the embassy who are not residing in the nation. They are from the different countries to which the embassy belongs.

Requirements and authentication services differ from country to country. There are two sensitive

The embassy is based in the country and doesn’t belong to the native government. Visa, Tax, and other related issues which are concerned the certain affairs handled the law

How long does it take for the entire process?

Several aspects are involved. This process is based on the country’s procedure. The time taken for the entire process is of around 8-10 days. It can be a couple of weeks. Based on the previous reference, it can stretch overall time.


Cost varies from state to state and also from country to country.

Priority of the requirement is an influencing factor, especially in the state the documents were received. The cost of attestation was reasonable or high. Based on the extra facilities which are of pick up and drop service.

Who issues this certificate?

The following people are authorized to issue an affidavit against the presented proof of singlehood.

  1. District Magistrate
  2. Court
  3. Sub-divisional Magistrate

They can get the bachelorhood certificate which the Punjabn embassy did.

Format of the single status certificate

The following things are in the single status certificate if they belong to Punjab. They are of


S/O Mr. Father’s and Mother’s name

Residing address in an Punjab

There are declarations to verify things. They are of

  1. Punjab citizen
  2. Date Of Birth (DOB) with the birthplace, state, Punjab
  3. Self-declaration of having the passport. In passport, it consists of the passport number, issuing place, and the validity of the passport from the issue date to the expiry date.
  4. Self-declaration of the single/ divorced.
  5. Not living with my spouse either in Punjab or abroad. This is to show that they are divorced or in single.
  6. According to the law, they can marry an Punjab or another nationality person.
  7. If there is a deviation in the information, then they are found guilty, and they can be punishable u/s 193 (2), 199, 200 of IPC
  8. I have good health, and I am mentally fit.
  9. The statement above is correct and true to my knowledge.


The Single status certificate proves that they are single and have no partner while moving abroad.

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