Marriage Certificate In Delhi – How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Delhi

For Delhi residents who have recently married and wish to register their marriage, you have come to the right place. The following article explains how to obtain a marriage certificate in Delhi.

Applicants can submit an application form either in person or online. In order to register or apply, you must submit official documents such as a PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc. The marriage certificate can then be used as a legal document.

What Is The Marriage Certificate In Delhi?

Marriage certificates are official records issued by the government that acknowledge marriages between two individuals in Delhi and many other places. The marriage certificate serves as proof of the marriage and is essential for many legal and administrative purposes.

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954 allows you to request a marriage registration certificate if you have been married.

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Documents Required For Marriage Certificate In Delhi 

To obtain a marriage certificate in Delhi, you must present a number of documents. You should check the most current norms with the municipal office or sub- registrar’s office in Delhi since certain needs may change over time. According to the September 2021 amendments, the following documents are frequently required:-

Application form: You must complete an application form to obtain a marriage certificate. This form is often provided at your local municipal office or online via the Delhi government’s official website.

Proof of Address: Both partners are required to present evidence of where they reside, which may include any of the following:-

  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhar card. 
  • Electricity bills
  • Water bills
  • Passport
  • Rent Contract 
  • Age proof 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Leaving certificate of school

Photos: Recent passport-size images of the bride and husband.

Invitation card of marriage: A duplicate of the marriage invitation card is typically requested.

Affidavit: An affidavit indicating the nationality, location, and date of the marriage, and marital status at the time of the marriage. You can get this affidavit from a magistrate or notary public.

Wedding photos: Photographs of the wedding ceremony that show both the bride and groom and the witnesses.

Marriage declaration form: The names of the husband and wife, the location of the marriage, the date of the marriage, and the witnesses are all listed on the marriage declaration form. Both partners and the witnesses must sign it.

Certificate from the priest: If your marriage was solemnized by a priest or other religious person, you could need a certificate from them.

Divorce decree: A copy of the divorce decree absolute or the former spouse’s death certificate is required if either partner was previously married.

Witness: Typically, at least two witnesses are needed to confirm the marriage. There may also be a need for their identity and address evidence.

Payment receipt: proof that the marriage certificate fee was paid, as required.

The most recent information and processes regarding these regulations can be found by visiting the official website of the Delhi government or the neighbourhood municipal office. Given that processing times can vary, it is advised to begin the application procedure well in advance of the planned wedding date, as the time needed for the marriage certificate can vary.


Procedure To Get a Marriage Certificate In Delhi 

You must follow a Delhi govt procedure to obtain a marriage certificate. Here is a complete, step-by-step instruction:-


Make sure that the bride and groom are both of legal marriageable age (18 and 21 respectively).

If either partner was previously married, they should present divorce documentation or the former spouse’s death certificate.

Notification of Proposed Marriage

Visit the Delhi Marriage Registration Office that is most convenient for your home.

Fill out the application form, which can be online or acquired from the office, the “Notice of Intended Marriage.”

Present your papers

You must also submit the following paperwork along with your application form:-

  • A birth certificate, 
  • A diploma from your last academic year or a passport as proof of age.
  • Residency documentation (Aadhar card, voter ID, utility bills)
  • Passport-sized photographs of both parties.
  • Affidavit of marital status (if either party was married before).

Validation and publication

The Marriage Officer will review the submission of the paperwork, confirm the information, and publish a notice of the upcoming marriage.

To allow for any public objections, the notice is posted on the office notice board for 30 days.


The Marriage Officer sets a date for the wedding if there are no objections during the 30-day notice period.

The wedding ceremony

The marriage is legally constituted on the designated day in front of at least three witnesses, including the marriage officiant.

The marriage license is signed by the couple, their witnesses, and themselves.

Marriage Certificate Issuance

The marriage officer issues a marriage certificate following the ceremony.

Depending on the office’s policies, the certificate usually arrives the same day or within a few days.


It is advised to register the marriage certificate with the relevant agencies under your jurisdiction.


Pay the registration costs that are necessary. Whether you choose a normal or Tatkal (urgent) service, the costs may change.

Optional Tatkal Service

You can choose the Tatkal service and pay extra costs if you require the certificate immediately. This speeds up the procedure.

Formalities After Marriage

Update all of your records, including your Aadhar card, passport, bank accounts, etc., with the new married status after receiving the certificate.

It’s important to check with an area Marriage Registration Office or the Delhi government’s official website for the most recent information and requirements because rules and regulations governing this procedure may change. A legal professional or marriage adviser should also be consulted to ensure a simple and straightforward process.

Eligibility For Online Registration Of Marriage In Delhi

  • The wedding must take place in Delhi. 
  • Delhi residency and a Delhi functional address are required of one of the partners. 
  • Bigamy is prohibited by the Hindu Marriage Act regardless of whether one partner is a Buddhist, Sikh, or Jain. One of the partners must have already been divorced or deceased at the wedding. 
  • It is crucial that both couples agree. At the moment of marriage, they must not have any significant mental illnesses. 
  • Male partners must be 21 years old, and female partners must be 18 years old.
  • In India, illegal partnerships are not permitted.


A marriage certificate is necessary for many legal and administrative processes since it is official documentation of a marriage in Delhi. It serves as legal proof of the union of two people and is essential for things like social security benefits, property rights, and visa applications. To ensure that a genuine marriage certificate is issued in Delhi, don’t forget to follow the required steps and supply precise information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my marriage certificate contains a mistake?

You could contact the municipal office where your marriage certificate was issued to request corrections if there is an error.

Can non-Delhi residents obtain a marriage certificate in Delhi?

In Delhi, if a couple were married inside the city limits, they can get a marriage certificate.

How long does it take in Delhi to obtain a marriage certificate?

Although there are certain administrative delays, it typically takes between 30 and 60 days to get a marriage license after applying.

Is there a deadline for submitting a marriage certificate application after the wedding?

Registering for a marriage certificate in Delhi within 60 days before the wedding day is recommended to prevent any complications.

Do I have to go to the municipal office in person to apply, or can I appoint someone to do it for me?

You can often appoint someone to submit a marriage certificate application on your behalf in Delhi. The term “authorized representative” or “agent” is used frequently to describe this person.

However, depending on the municipal corporation in Delhi, specific guidelines and conditions for appointing someone to submit a marriage certificate application may change.

A letter of authorization from the applicants (the parties getting married) and the approved representative’s identification papers are typically required. It should be stated in the letter of authorization that the representative is requesting a marriage certificate on behalf of the couple.

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