Name Change In Pune – Change Of Name In Pune Procedure Step by Step

Name Change In Pune – When a person is not satisfied with their name, or they have to add some letter or change the surname or alter anything in their name, then they should change their name. Your name should be perfect in every document, and if you want to change your name, then you should make sure that all your documents should be modified with your new name. It is very easy to change one’s name. A person can change their name by sitting at home as the government has made everything digital and easier for people. This article will tell you about name change in Pune and what should be the procedure that needs to be followed.

Drawbacks Of Not Legally Changing Name In Pune

If a person doesn’t legally change their name, then it can lead to various problems in their life. Not following the proper procedure will lead to many difficulties in a person’s life. 

For example, if a person changes their name and does not do it legally, then their signature won’t be matched, which could cause legal problems. This would also arise in college documents or getting jobs in the future.

The woman also suffer if they don’t change their name because after marriage, when they want to take their husband’s surname, and they didn’t change it legally, then there might be problems in introducing their identity and would also cause confusion in the documents.

If a person doesn’t change their name legally, then it could also affect their personal information like address. 

So it is important to legally change your name because the person will feel a sense of belonging to their nation and could also attain some benefits. 


Documents Needed For Name Change In Pune

Some documents are required for name change in Pune. Some of the documents are as follows:-

  • The applicant is required to submit the documents of resident proof. Some documents of verification are an AADHAR card, PAN card, or any other government-issued document.
  • Passport-size photographs will be required
  • If the applicant is married or divorced, then the applicant should also submit their marriage or divorce documents.
  • The affidavit will also be required. 
  • If the applicant is below 18, then their birth certificate will also be required. 
  • A copy of the newspaper articles will also be required. Both articles in different languages will be needed.
  • A name change form will also be needed.

These are the essential documents that are required to be submitted by everyone. The applicant should carefully check their documents and if there is a requirement for any additional documents. 

Why Do People Change Their Names In Pune?

There are many reasons that a person changes their name. Some of the common reasons of name change in Pune are as follows:-

  • Mistake in the birth or school certificate
  • Name change in Pune after marriage or divorce
  • Spelling errors in the documents
  • If a child is adopted, then also it is required to change the name
  • Name change in Pune due to astrological or numerical reasons and also because of religious change of a person

There also can be many reasons for a person to change their name, as everybody has their reasons to change their name.

Eligibility For Name Change In Pune

In Pune, the eligibility to change legal name is as follows:-

Criteria For Legal Name Change

  • The individual who wants to change their name must be a citizen of India
  • The person who wants to change name in Pune must have reached the legal age, which is 18.
  • A government-issued document is necessary for a name change in Pune. 
  • A solid reason is needed for the name change in Pune. 

Special Points To Seek For Minors

  • If an individual is below 18, then their parent’s consent will be required, and their parents will apply for a name change in Pune.
  • The name change in Pune for children below 18 requires their parents or guardians. 

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Procedure For Name Change In Pune

There is a specific process that should be followed by everyone in Pune to make changes to their name. Although the name-changing process is time-consuming, if a person gets to choose their preferred name, then there won’t be any problem in giving some of your time. 

The only thing the candidate should be focussed on is that you should legally change the name and sincerely should follow the below steps:-

Name Change Affidavit

Forming an affidavit is the starting procedure of the changing process. It is like a legal document in which you state your new name with the reason behind the name change process. To receive an affidavit, you should visit the notary office in Pune and take a form in which you have to mention your new name, old name, and the reason behind your name change process. The person should be sure that all the information mentioned in the form should be accurate, from mentioning the new name to the correct address. 

Newspaper Advertisement

Once you submit your affidavit and the notary verifies all the details, you have to publish your new name announcement in the newspapers. You have to form two articles and publish them in two newspapers. The first article should be written in your regional language, and the other should be written in English, and they should be published in the respective newspapers. The content on the newspaper should be your old name, new name, the address of the applicant, the photocopy of the affidavit, and the reason behind the new name. 

Gazette Notification

This is the concluding step of your name change in the Pune process. Through Gazette, only your name will become legal. To officially make your new name legal, you will be required to have the original affidavit, the newspaper articles in both languages and a letter of application from the Gazette. Submit all the required documents with the Gazette application to the Department of Publication, and after your documents are submitted, the government will send you the original copies of all your records. 

Cost Of Name Change In Pune

The cost that will be charged by the applicants is different for everything:-

  • The first step of your name change is an affidavit, and it requires the cost of your stamp paper, which will be around Rs. 20. 
  • The second step was newspaper publication. The articles will cost according to the newspapers. Each different will charge differently, but approximately, it will be around Rs. 1000.
  • The third step of name change in Pune is Gazette notification, which will cost you Rs. 2000. 
  • The professional fee structure for the normal public will be around Rs. 1500; for minors, it will be Rs. 2100; for government employees, Rs. 1750; and for the applicant who is living abroad, it will be Rs. 11,500. 

The motive of this article is that people don’t get confused in the procedure of name change. The process of name change is the same for every state; there would be just a few add-ons or reductions, and everything is the same, so people should very carefully read the instructions mentioned by the government for their state. 

If a person doesn’t change their name, they might feel lost or lonely as a name holds a lot of significance in the life of human beings. Changing your name is a decision that should be taken very carefully because you could change your name only one time, so don’t do anything in a hurry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to publish about the name change in Pune?

Yes, this is the most important and legal step that is essential for the name change process in Pune. Without the publication of articles, two different people won’t know about your new name, and the government won’t accept it.

How much time does it take to name change in Pune?

It is a long process, as first the government will verify all your documents, then only your application will be processed further. So, it might take a few weeks to change your name and publish the information on every platform.

Are there any restrictions on changing the name in Pune?

Yes, there are some limitations to choosing a legal name. The name chosen by the person should not be offensive to anyone; people shouldn’t change their name to be saved from any debt, and they should choose such a name that will not create confusion.

How many copies should we require for our name change in Pune?

The applicant should keep three copies with them. One is for the passport office; one will be required for police verification, and the other one, the applicant should keep with themselves for safety reasons.

What if the ad for the name change in Pune doesn’t get published?

Your name change ad will surely be published if there aren’t any errors. The newspaper won’t intentionally don’t do anything to not make your ad published. If somehow your ad isn’t published, then there might be some error found by the newspaper, so you should contact the newspaper and ask them about your mistake.

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