How To Add Surname In Birth Certificate In Delhi Online?

Process to Add Surname In Birth Certificate In Delhi: Birth certificates in Delhi, India, typically include surnames. Sometimes, our birth certificate does not contain our surname, so we must add it. This article will show you how to add a surname to birth certificates.

What Is A Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is a legal document that serves as proof of a person’s birth. A person’s full name, birth date and place, and parents’ names appear on this document. 

Obtaining a birth certificate allows citizens to gain citizenship, prove their identity, and secure benefits and services.


Reasons to Add Surname in Birth Certificate in Delhi Online

  • Gender Change 
  • Religion change 
  • Marriage 
  • Astrological reasons 
  • Spelling Error 
  • Unhappy with your name 
  • Adapt child 
  • Wrong name 
  • Marriage after divorce and many more. 

What Does A Birth Certificate Of Delhi Contain?

Delhi birth certificates typically include the following information:

  • A newborn’s first name, middle name, and last name are all included here.
  • Person’s date of birth: The exact time and date of birth.
  • Birthplace: This refers to the town or city, the county or state, and the nation where the birth took place.
  • Gender: A person’s sex at birth, such as male or female.
  • Parental information: Full names of the parents, whether they are actual or legal, in addition to, if known, where they were born.
  • A birth certificate’s registration number serves as a special identification.
  • The office or department within the government in charge of issuing certificates is the issuing authority.
  • Date of issuance: The day the birth record was officially issued.

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Documents Required To Add The Surname To The Birth Certificate Of Delhi

A number of documents will be required to prove your identity. 

  • Identity proof ( passport, voter ID, Aadhar card ) 
  • Proof of residence (e.g., rent agreement, electricity bill, Water bill) 
  • Original birth certificate 
  • Affidavit for change of name, if asked for 

The Process To Add The Surname To The Birth Certificate In Delhi 

The general processes of adding a surname to a birth certificate in Delhi online are as follows:-

Step 1 – Check Out The Official Website

Go to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) website or the website of the specific municipal agency in charge of birth registrations.

Step 2 – Create A User Account 

If you don’t already have one, register. Your contact information and personal information can be requested.

  • Log in with the credentials you just created to access your account.
  • Look for a section on birth certificates or other vital records services under the heading “Select Services.”
  • Fill out the form: Find the option to request a birth certificate adjustment or alteration. Complete the application form with the necessary information, adding the surname.
  • Upload Documents: You might be asked to upload supporting documentation, including your current birth certificate, identification documentation, and documentation for the surname you wish to add (such as a school transcript or Aadhar card).
  • Pay Fees: Make the necessary surname repair or additional payments. The cost may differ.
  • Application Submission: Check your application to make sure everything is accurate, then submit it.
  • After submitting, you ought to get an acknowledgment or reference number. To monitor the progress of your application, save this number.
  • Verification and processing: Your application and supporting documentation will be examined by the local authority.
  • A new birth certificate with your new surname will be issued to you once your application has been approved.

It is important to note that the specific procedure and specifications may change over time and depend on the Delhi municipal government. For the most current information and instructions on how to add a surname to a birth certificate in Delhi online, you should visit the official website. If you have any additional questions or would like offline support, consider going in person to the Delhi municipal office.

Reasons to Register Birth Certificates Without Error in Delhi 

The birth certificate is the first proof of identity for a newborn in Delhi. Since it is useful for many reasons, as outlined below, it should be error-free to prevent issues with future services.

The following are some advantages of birth certificate registration in Delhi:-

  • Admissions to schools
  • Evidence of age for employment and marriage
  • For the purpose of determining the voter eligibility age
  • In order to determine the insurance age
  • If you want to be added to the National Population Register (NPR).
  • The name can be changed to match the name shown in the admission register of the relevant school if you submit the erroneous name on the birth certificate (for example, if there are spelling errors).
  • National class examinations 
  • Medical checkups 
  • During job transfer 

Eligibility for Delhi Birth Registration

In order to obtain a birth certificate from Delhi, you must meet the requirements listed below:-

  • The mother or father must be a Delhi resident.
  • They should possess a functioning Delhi government ID.
  • and should have taken birth at any hospital in Delhi
  • Or Delhi parents should have given birth to their children at home

Fee Structure for Adding Name or Name Change in Delhi

  • For government workers – Rs. 1100/- 
  • Rs 250 extra according to change and correction 
  • For Minor Child – Rs 1700/-
  • Rs 250 extra according to change and correction 
  • For Major individuals – Rs 1100/-
  • Rs 250 extra according to change and correction 

Delhi’s birth certificate name-change fees are variable and are prone to fluctuation over time. To receive the most recent details on the costs and the procedure involved in altering a name on a birth certificate, it is suggested to get in touch with your neighborhood Municipal Corporation or Registrar’s office in Delhi. They will give you the particulars and conditions applicable to your particular case.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Changing or Adding Your Name on Your Birth Certificate in Delhi

  • Pay special attention to the instructions given by the state government agency because the process for updating the details on a birth certificate varies slightly between States. 
  • Depending on the state regulations, there may be a cost that you must pay while filing the application. However, it is a small price. 
  • Keep a copy of every document that is created, published, and acquired because it might be needed at any time.
  • The Registrar of Births and Deaths should provide you with a copy of your birth certificate that has been updated. There is a small fee that you must pay for each copy you want to get.

Conclusion –

A birth certificate provides an individual’s identity and legal standing from the time of their birth, therefore, it is more than just a piece of paper.

Additionally, you are only permitted to make one adjustment to information on your birth certificate during your entire life. The information in the updated document will follow you for the rest of your life, so use utmost caution. Since an experienced service provider can help you through the full procedure, including follow-up with government officials, it is usually desirable to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether the birth certificate be reissued in India?

Yes, birth certificates can be reissued in India. The process would be similar to withdrawing the original birth certificate. Today, every state government issues this certificate online through its own website.

Can I correct my birth certificate online in India?

Birth certificates can be corrected online in every state, whether they involve name changes, spelling errors, or errors in the parents’ names. Due to this, double-checking the method is required before requesting adjustments.

How can I download my birth certificate in Delhi?

Go to the Delhi Government’s official website and select Online Services. Click on the ‘Birth Certificate’ option, fill in your birth details, and click the search button. You can view the birth details, select a specific record, and click ‘Get Certificate’. Give your contact information, click ‘Show Certificate,’ and the birth certificate will be downloaded.

Can I apply birth certificate online in Delhi?

Yes, one can apply for a birth certificate online in Delhi. To obtain a birth certificate, go to the official Delhi Government website, click “Online Services,” and select “Birth Certificate.” Follow the instructions to initiate the online application process.

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