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Name Change Agent In Bangalore – Many people are changing their name in Bangalore and finding it hard to understand the procedure of name change. Some people want to change their name but don’t have time to go through the process of name change as for them it is tough to take out time from their busy schedule that is why name change agent in Bangalore are introduced to relieve the name changing tension from the people and by not disturbing their work they can easily change their name.

Name change agent in Bangalore are those professionals appointed by the government to manage the problem of people regarding name change and help them to make their life easy and change their name without any fuss.

Services Provided By The Name Change Agent In Bangalore

A name change in Bangalore has become a trend as everybody is making changes to their name and online agents are useful by changing the name of people in every document. Services provided by the agents are:-

Name Change in Gazette of India

The online agents will help people to change their name in the Gazette by giving them instructions on what will be needed and what will be the procedure and after taking the required documents form you will publish your name change Gazette notification.

Name Change in Marriage certificate

The marriage certificate is a very important document for people who are married as it verifies that the couple is married Indians tend to change their name after marriage so name change agents in Bangalore will also women to undergo the process of changing the name in marriage certificate. This is also implied in inter-caste marriage name changes or when a woman wants to change their name after divorce. Agents will help women in every aspect and they don’t have to undergo any tension or complication.

Change Of Name in Birth Certificate 

Name change agents have the most experience in making changes to the birth certificate. As it is the most common thing that people come to them. 

Agents can change their name in many other fields like important documents or share certificates as they are experienced and eligible enough to make changes to their name as they want and in whatever document they want.


Reasons For The Name Change in Bangalore, India

  • Mistake in the birth certificate.
  • Mistake in school certificate.
  • Name Change After marriage by women.
  • Name Change After divorce by women.
  • Spelling errors in documents.
  • For the adoption of a child.
  • Religion change of a person.
  • Astrology or Numerology.

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Benefits Of Name Change Agent In Bangalore

There are many benefits to hiring an agent for name change in Bangalore. Here are some benefits so that you can understand the importance of them:-

  • Expert guidance- Name change agent in Bangalore are experts at what they do and they know about the rules and regulations that are introduced by the government so they can give people their expert advice and can tell them about the whole procedure without any miss-interrupted information. 
  • Documentation Assistance- Name change agents know what will be the required documents and which documents are required to have a photocopy or kept with the candidate for future reference, so they can perfectly guide people in handling all the documents very well.
  • Efficient- Name change agents in Bangalore are well-versed in all the legal requirements as they have doing all this work for a long time they are familiar with the process, and they know how and what to submit, and they ensure that there won’t be any delays in submitting the documents and the application. They ensure that the applicant follows all the legal requirements, adheres to every process, and does not interrupt it according to them.
  • Get peace of mind- People won’t have to worry about anything; they can sit back and relax as the expert agents will handle everything. 

The Name Change Procedure Followed By Agent In Bangalore

There are three major steps in name change process followed by agents in Bangalore:-

  1. The first is to form a name change affidavit for this the agents have to visit the notary office of Bangalore get a form stamp it up fill it out with all the correct details and get the form notarized by the office and the agent will deliver the copy of the affidavit at your home for future safety.
  2. The next is that they have to publish the advertisement of their client’s name change in the newspaper. The agents have to form two articles for two different newspapers. In one article they have to use the regional language of their client and the other will be in English and they would be published in their respective newspapers. The content that has to be mentioned in the articles are:-
  • The full new name of the applicant with the old name
  • Full address
  • The age of the applicant
  • The date when the affidavit has been published
  • Father’s name of the applicant
  • Name of the notary from which the affidavit has been authorized 
  1. The last step is to publish the announcement of name change to the Official Gazette; without this announcement, the applicant’s name won’t be authorized as changed. This is the last and the most important step that the agent has to undergo. Agents have to submit a form telling them about the name change and submit all the documents to the Gazette with the articles of the newspaper and the affidavit.

Documents Required For Name Change In Bangalore

Name changes require the following documents:-

  • Address proof and identity proof of the applicant
  • A passport size will be required
  • Identity Proof – Pan Card, Aadhar Card
  • If the name change is for minors then the verification of their age will be required
  • If the person is divorced or married then their proof certificate will be required.

All of the above documents will be taken by the agents and for everything they will submit, you will get a photocopy from them of everything to be saved from anything in the future. 

After your agents confirm to you that the government has changed your name then the applicant should inform everyone about their new name, like their company, school, banks, post office, etc. People if they don’t have time to change by themselves, they can get help from a name change agent in Bangalore, but they have to remember that they should choose reliable agents as there are some fraud practices in Bangalore. After doing a proper background check, then only you should hire a particular website’s agents.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the name change format in newspaper ads?

I __ (old name of the applicant) son/daughter of ____ (father’s name) of __ years __ (full address) have changed my name from __ (old name) to ___ (new name) on __ (date at which you have submitted your affidavit and also mention the address of the notary office from which you have collected the affidavit) 

How is a name change beneficial in Bangalore?

There are many good reasons for changing the name to Bangalore. Some of them are as follows:-

  • The paperwork will easy easy as if a woman has changed her name and she and her husband are planning to open a joint account or buy a property there won’t be any extra paperwork mentioning the proof of marriage.
  • When a woman has the same name as her husband then the admission of their kid also gets easy as there will be mentioning of one surname only because when the parents have different some complications arise. 

Apart from this, there are also many benefits for name changing as it is important to ensure that all your documents have your correct name. 

Can the name be changed twice in Bangalore?

Yes, you can change your name twice as a woman changes their name after marriage and divorce. So yes you can change your name multiple times but it also has a time limit as in the AADHAR card you can change your name once a year. So be careful by attempting to change your name.

Is it necessary to mention the reason for a name change to agents?

No, it is not necessary to mention the name change to the consultant but you should put something in the documents as it is required by the government to know.

How much does a name change agent in Bangalore charge?

The agents will cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 2500 for changing your name. 

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