Name Change Gazette Sample – Gazette Name Change Procedure

Name Change Gazette Sample: Name changes are not a quick process; the government takes time to process the name change, and people shouldn’t be hasty about making decisions about their names. Before changing your name, you should be rational and calm, and it also takes time for your name to be published in the Indian Gazette. Throughout this article, you will find a name change Gazette sample so that everyone knows how it looks, as well as the process, documents, and some important points for legally changing the name.

What Is A Gazette?

The Government provides this type of document to everyone for the purpose of correcting their legal documents. The last and most important part of name changing is to publish the information of the name change in the Gazette.


Documents Required For Name Change Gazette Sample

Following are the documents that should be needed for the name change Gazette sample:-

  • A document for identification will be needed so that the person can be rightly identified. The identity proof can be shown by submitting the AADHAR card, Passport, PAN card, etc.
  • A document will be required to verify the applicant and the above-mentioned documents can also work for address identification.
  • The photocopy of the affidavit with the newspaper articles and the application form will be officially submitted to the Gazette in which your old name, new name, and the reason for name change will be added. 
  • The last document that is essential for name change Gazette is a passport-size photo of the applicant, and sometimes two witnesses are also required for verification. 

Name Change Gazette Sample letter

Below is the letter that needs to be written to the secretary of government, requesting them to change their name and publish it in the Official Gazette.


The Secretary of Government

Name of the State

Subject: publish of notice for name change in official Gazette

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I want to change my name from ____ (old name) to ____ (new name), and I have made an affidavit and submitted it to the notary office. ( write the notary office’s name, full address, and the date on which it was submitted). The same is done for the newspaper articles. 

Now I want to publish my name change notice in the Official Gazette of India. So I request you to approve my plea and publish my new name request. 

I have attached all the needed documents with the application.

Yours sincerely

New name

Full address

The date on which the letter is being sent to the Gazette.

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Steps To Get Name Published In Gazette Notification

The process to publish a name in Gazette is very simple. Just follow the below steps:-

  • The very first step for publishing in the Gazette is to file an affidavit for a name change.
  • The next thing you have to do is to publish your name, old name, and the reason for changing your name. As usual, you have to write two articles in English and the regional language and publish them in the respective newspapers. 
  • Finally, after the publication of articles, you can make it official and publish an application in the Gazette of India. And the notice of name change in the Gazette will be published. 

Guidelines That Need To Be Followed For Name Change Gazette Sample

Some points need to be followed to publish name change news in the Gazette:-

  • One newspaper advertisement should be published in a local newspaper, either in English or Hindi newspaper. 
  • An original certificate of undertaking is needed 
  • Two fully typed applications will be needed for public notice and they should be signed and two witnesses will also be required.
  • One form that the applicant will confirm that the contents in hard and soft copy are the same
  • Two current passport-size photos will be needed
  • One photocopy of the old name’s identity document can be found in any of the old government legal documents.
  • The request letter that is written to the secretary can be found in the above article.

Specimen Of Name Change Gazette Sample Form

Below is the name change Gazette sample so that you can get familiar with the format of the Official Gazette of India.

I ____ daughter/son of ___ age ____ resident of _____ solemnly confirm the above contents:

  • My name as per the government documents is ____ (old name)
  • I have changed my name ___ (new name) on ___ (date of change name)
  • All my legal documents have been corrected with my ___ (new name)
  • A public notice has also been published in the newspaper and an affidavit to the local notary office also has been made.
  • I confirm that ___ (old name) and ___ (new name) are the same person that is myself

With this application, I am attaching all the documents that will be needed. 

I confirm that all the things that have been mentioned in the application are to my knowledge. 

Signature of the applicant

Date of the application


The matter in the application is true, and nothing false has been given in the application.

How To Protect Gazette Form Of Name Change When Correcting It Online

Protecting the contents of your gazette application is important and you should read the following points to be safe and smart.

  • Protect your device with a password so that nothing can be hacked and you’ll be doomed.
  • Add a stage of protection to your account by enabling two-factor authentication
  • When you are filling the form of gazette you should not use public WIFI as it can be tracked.
  • Don’t open any email that you find suspicious

It is concluded that everything that is mentioned in the above article should be well read and checked as name change in Gazette is an important process and without your name cannot be legally changed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the publication of the Gazette required for everyone?

As the name changed Gazette publication has to be followed by everyone but it is not published by non-government people. This type of application is mostly published by the government employees. 

How long does it take to publish the name change in Gazette?

At the start of the article, it is mentioned that you cannot expect the government to change your name in two days; the processing of the application cannot be done in two days. It is a long process and you have to be patient to receive your new name. It might take a month to make changes in the name Gazette of an applicant.

What happens once you change your name?

Once you change your name and publish it in the Gazette, then your name will be legally changed, and all your legal documents will be automatically changed.

What are the timings of the Office of Government Gazette of India?

The office hours of the Gazette office are between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on all working days. And it is closed on weekends.

Where can one get a copy of the Gazette?

You can download the copy of the Gazette from

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