How To Name Change In Gazette – Change Your Name Legally In Gazette Of India

Name change in Gazette: A gazette is a type of government document that is issued by the government and is an important document where a citizen publishes information regarding themselves if they make changes to their legal documents, such as changing their name, birth date, or name of their parents. With this certificate, a person can declare information all over India. 

The purpose of this article is to help everyone understand how to change their name in the Gazette and what documents are required. 

The procedure for name change in Gazette is still unclear to many people, so we hope this article will clarify both.

Reasons for the name change in Gazette Publication

The following are some reasons why someone might change their name:-

  • The first name is there, but the middle and surname are not.
  • The name that is the Gazette is different from all the documents
  • There is a misspelling in the name
  • Marriage, divorce, and remarriage may cause women to change their names.
  • There are numerological and astrological reasons why a name can be changed.
  • There must be some people who don’t like their name and want to make changes according to their preferences.

Procedure for online name change in Gazette

If someone wants to change their name in the Gazette, they should follow the below steps to do it online. 

  • First, the applicant should visit the website of the Gazette which is the Official Gazette of India.
  • After this log in or sign in.
  • After signing or logging in you have to find a service from a column that will be named as apply for name change.
  • Before applying for the name change in the Gazette, read carefully all the instructions that are written.
  • After reading the instructions, take a print of the form and fill it. After filling it, scan the document which will be attached to the documents.
  • After this go to the next page of the online application.
  • A new page will appear in which the applicant has to enter their 12-digit UID number to get the details for address and date of birth.
  • After this, the candidate should fill in all the details that need to be rectified and enter the old and new names. 
  • After all this mark on the I proceed option.
  • Attach all the documents that are being asked.
  • Lastly pay the fees that are mentioned, without paying the fees your application will not move forward.

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Documents needed for change name in Gazette

  • A document will be needed for identifying the person like an aadhaaR card or PAN card or any other document in which a person’s identification can be revealed.
  • Proof of address will be needed that can be shown with any government-attested document.
  • A passport-size photo may also be needed

Steps included for change name in Gazette

There are four through which the Gazette name change goes through:-

  • The documents that are submitted by the applicant are being checked.
  • An application has to be made
  • Documents should be perfectly drafted
  • Publication of articles in the newspaper
  • An article to publish in the Gazette only

Procedure to Publish Name Change Notification

  • An affidavit is needed to submit to the notary office mentioning that you have made changes in your name in the Gazette. An affidavit should contain the old name, new name and the reason for the name change. A declaration is also should be mentioned stating that all the information is true and made in your presence.
  • After the affidavit has been notarized you have to publish two articles in two different newspapers in two different languages. For this, the applicant has to visit the newspaper office and tell them everything about them.
  • At last, to make it official the applicant has to make an application in the Gazette to the officer. The documents that will be needed for the Gazette application are the articles of newspaper articles, passport-size photos, a copy of the affidavit, the signature of two witnesses, and a copy of the identity proof document.

Guidelines to publish notification in the Gazette of India

To publish your application in the Official Gazette of India, some formalities need to be followed.

  • The content that is to be published should be in the form of a letter with a rubber stamp and should be signed by the Indian authorities.
  • The matter that is present on the Gazette should be written in Hindi and English which means two different letters should be submitted and both signed by the authority. The application should be on an A4 size sheet.
  • To publish the application they should be signed by the higher authority and if they are not available then it should be signed by a Joint Secretary. 
  • Before the applicant applies, they must make the payment beforehand. 
  • A soft copy of the content is also required.
  • Email ID and mobile number should be mentioned so that the government can contact the applicant for anything.
  • The last important thing to note is that the documents that are submitted to the Gazette will not be returned, no matter if they are original or photocopied.

Many people think that Gazette notification is not an important step and they leave this step thinking that it will be a waste of money, but we hope that from this article it is clear how essential Gazette is and how when someone has to make changes in their name what should they do. Though the process is not that different from the name-changing process in any document still there is some additional reduction of information that is needed to be known to the people.

Lastly, an important thing is that it is not mandatory to issue an affidavit whenever you are changing your name in the Gazette, it is only required in a few cases and the applicant should carefully read the guidelines to know about them. And don’t think that you can change your name in the Gazette an infinite number of times, you can do it only once so be careful and handle everything with care. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download the change name Gazette notification?

Here are the steps by which a person can download their Gazette notification.

  • Visit the portal online gazette service provider portal and click on the state gazette option.
  • Select your state after clicking on the option and enter all the details that are asked there. 

It is the easiest way to download your Gazette notification and you should follow these steps only. 

How long does it take to make changes in the Gazette of India?

To make changes in the name of the Gazette of India it will take 10-15 days to make the changes. After submission of the documents after two or three days they are checked so after that only the process starts.

When will the ad for the name change be published?

Gazette notification name change ads in newspapers will be submitted on Fridays or Saturdays. The dates when the articles will be emailed to the applicant

Are change name in Gazette applicable for minors?

Yes for minors Gazette notification is compulsory and is made when there is an error in their birth certificates or any other certificate due to which children were facing difficulty. Name changes of minors are also happened because of their parent’s divorce or re-marriage.

Is an affidavit enough to change name in Gazette?

No affidavit is mostly not required in correcting the name of the Gazette except for some cases like when the applicant has a problem in their middle name.

How can we check the status of the Gazette online?

After submitting all the documents and going through everything an email will be sent to you and in that, there will be a link attached from which you can track the status of your Gazette name change application.

Can we change our address through Gazette?

No, we cannot change our address using Gazette as it is only used for making changes in name, date of birth, and religion. 

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