How To Change Name Legally In Gurgaon – Name Change Process Legally In Gurgaon

Change Name Legally In Gurgaon – In Gurgaon, changing your name legally is not difficult. Anyone can change their names with proper guidance and procedures to ensure that they have the correct name in their documents and are not confused for the rest of their lives. It is very common for people in India to change their names. 

In Gurgaon, some people hire some agents to change their name if they are not smart enough or do not have enough time to do so. They just have to pay the agent the name change fee and the agent takes care of all the technicalities.


Documents Required To Change Name Legally In Gurgaon

Documents required for name change are as follows:-

  • The proof of residence document and these documents can be verified electricity bill, AADHAR card, PAN card, etc. Any legal document will work which has the correct address of the applicant.
  • A passport-size photo will be needed
  • The notarized affidavit will be needed.
  • Age proof is the applicant is a minor
  • A copy of the newspaper articles 
  • A name change application form will be required.

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Step-By-Step Procedure Of Change Name Legally In Gurgaon

Change Name Legally In Gurgaon can be accomplished in three steps:-

Name Change Affidavit

In an affidavit, the applicant confirms their name change and gives all the details, such as their new name, old name, address, and reason for changing their name. A magistrate, notary public, counsel, and oath commissioner attest to this affidavit. 

An affidavit must be stamped with a notary stamp, which costs Rs. 20, and without the stamp, the affidavit is meaningless. 

Content to be added to the affidavit application form:-

  • The full name of the applicant
  • The father’s name of the applicant or the husband’s name if the applicant is married.
  • Full address
  • A confirmation that everything that is mentioned in the affidavit is true
  • A properly verified reason for legally changing the name.
  • Different Types Of Affidavit

There are various types of affidavits in Gurgaon, so the applicant can choose from the above what type of affidavit they would be required.

  • One person Many names affidavit- This affidavit is also known as the multi-name affidavit and this affidavit is for people who have different names in their documents and it is a type of proof for a government that the name belongs to the same person.
  • Name Change Affidavit- This is a type of affidavit that is issued by people to change their name legally and publish their change name announcement in the Gazette.
  • Name Change after Marriage Affidavit- This affidavit is for people who want to change their name after marriage. This affidavit helps a woman to change their name in documents after marriage,
  • Name Change for Minor Affidavit- This affidavit is for minors whose parents wish to change their names. Their parents have to file this affidavit to legally change name.
  • Name Change on Passport Affidavit- This affidavit is for people who want to update their passports after marriage. This affidavit is used to correct any passport information.

These are the different types of affidavit that is used by people to alter their name in different documents and ensure that their documents have their correct name.

Sample For Name Change Affidavit

The affidavit in Gurgaon has to follow a specific procedure and the above sample will help people in forming their affidavit for name change. 

I ___ (full name) son/daughter of ____ (father’s full name) of around ____ years of age, resident of ___ (full address). Here fully declare as that:

  • My name, as per the record, is ___
  • I have recently changed my name to __
  • All my records contain my new name__
  • I have published a notice in the newspaper about my new name.
  • I confirm that my old name __ and new name __ are of the same person.

I confirm that all the details provided in the affidavit are true to my knowledge.

Write the full date with the signature of the applicant


Verified on _____ date contents in the affidavit are correct and nothing is forged.


Signature of the Notary office 

Advertisements In Newspapers

A person who wants to change name legally in Gurgaon has to publish two articles in two local newspapers. One newspaper publication should be in their regional language and the other should be made in English. These two articles have to be published in their respective newspapers to update your name.

The following details are required to be mentioned in the newspaper article:-

  • Old name of the applicant
  • New name of the candidate
  • Name of the husband or father
  • The date on which the affidavit was made
  • Full address of the applicant
  • The address of the notary office with the name where the affidavit has been issued.

Publication In The Official Gazette

A person who wants to update their name has to publish their name in the Gazette then only your name will be officially updated. 

The documents needed for the gazette publication are as follows:-

  • ID proof for verification and such documents can be used like AADHAR card, PAN card, Passport, etc. 
  • Address proof for people and the above documents could be used for address verification.
  • Current passport-size photo
  • A copy of the affidavit that is signed by the Magistrate.
  • A copy of the newspaper advertisement that is submitted for publication.

Benefits Of Change Name Legally In Gurgaon

There are some perks in change name in Gurgaon:-

  • The name change procedure is not hard to comprehend and anybody can do it without needing a lawyer. 
  • The name change process is very simple for women and men and under the Family Courts Act if a woman doesn’t want to change their name after then they can keep their maiden and if after divorce they don’t want to change to their maiden name then it is their choice unless there won’t be any fraud activity prevailing, the official name that is registered in the Gazette can be used. 
  • If a person changes their name legally then it becomes a permanent record of them in every document as their document will have their new name which gives them a type of recognition.
  • When a person changes their name then they can easily update their other documents like AADHAR card, PAN card, PAN card, etc no additional documents will be needed, they can update their documents easily.

It might be clear for everybody who is required to change their name legally in Gurgaon, by reading this article all their confusion will be solved and they can happily change their name.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are The Rules Involved In Legal Name-Changing Procedures?

A person can change their name to anything they wish but there are certain limitations to it.

  • If a person wants to hide their real identity then a name change won’t be acceptable
  • You cannot change your name if you want to escape from any debt or liability.
  • A person cannot convert their name to the name of a famous person unless you prove to the court that you won’t cause any harm to them.
  • The name chosen by you shouldn’t be offensive to others.
  • The name also shouldn’t have any punctuation. 

What Is A Change Name Receipt?

It is a kind of proof that the applicant has submitted the fees for the legal name change. If a person undergoes any legal requirements, then they should keep this receipt that they have made payment for the service.

What Is The Fee Structure For A Name Change In Gurgaon?

The name change process includes various types of payment to be done and it will depend on the newspaper and how will they charge for publishing their articles. The stamp of affidavit will be around Rs. 20 and the Gazette notification will cost around Rs. 2000.

Can A Husband Their Ex-Wife Keep Their Surname?

If the ex-wife is using their husband for forgery or any illegal activities then only the husband can sue her.

How Can A Person Get Their Newspaper Copies?

The newspaper will inform the applicant 24 hours before their advertisement will be published so that they have enough to get their newspaper copies. 

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