How to Publish Name Change Ads in newspapers in India?

Publish Name change ads in newspapers in India: In a diverse country like India, it’s not uncommon to see people changing their names. This may be due to many reasons, whether the individual didn’t like his name or changed it to feel like following their partner after marriage. 

Name change ads play a crucial role in legal name changes in India. They serve as a formal and public declaration of the individual’s new name, ensuring widespread awareness among the general public and people. So if you plan to change your name, get ready to publish your ad in the newspapers.

What are Name Change Ads in a newspaper?

Newspaper change of name advertisement to inform the public about an individual’s approach to changing their name. These ads include vital details such as the old name, new name, and supporting information, including the reasons for the change. These newspaper ads act as official notifications and serve as proof of the name change for legal and documentation purposes.

Why are Name Change Ads important?

Name-change ads are essential for many reasons. They complete the legal process of publishing the name change. By publishing the advertisement in a widely reachable newspaper, individuals can make sure that their new name becomes a matter of public record to showcase. 

Name-change ads prevent fraud name changes and maintain transparency in legal matters. Lastly, these ads help individuals to update their identification documents, such as passports, driving licenses, and other records, without any complications or problems.

Document Required For Giving Name Change Ads

Document Required to Publish Name Change Ads in newspapers in India

For giving name change ads in newspapers in India, you will need to provide certain documents. 

Here are the commonly asked documents for giving name change ads-

  • Identity proof: You must provide a valid identity proof document, such as your Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or driver’s license. This document is necessary to establish your identity and prove your name change.
  • Address proof: Along with the identity proof, you will need to provide a document as proof of your current address. This can include a copy of your Aadhaar card, passport, utility bill, or bank statement. The address proof helps in identifying your current residential details.
  • Affidavit: In most cases, an affidavit is required to support the name change. An affidavit is a legal document in which you declare the reasons for the name change and confirm the authenticity of the information you provided. 
  • Passport-sized photos: You will be asked to provide a few recent passport-sized photographs. These photographs will be used for identification purposes and to verify your identity.

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What are the reasons for Name Change?

1. Dislikes current name

Mistakes do happen with parents while naming their children. So if you wish your name to be a little more modern or wanna upscale your personality, a name change will help you fix it. You can change your current name and opt for a better one.

2. Religious reasons

Everyone has the right to follow whatever they wish to pursue. So it’s a common sight to see people change their name to align with their religious or personal beliefs. Many people change their names for this purpose. 

3. Marriage

Many individuals change their last names after getting married to adopt their spouse’s surname to reflect their union.

4. Divorce

Following a divorce, some people revert to their previous name or simply choose an entirely new name to signify a fresh start and reclaim their identity.

5. Gender Change

Individuals identifying as transgender or non-binary may change their names to align with their gender identity. This process allows them to affirm their true selves.

6. Supporting an agenda

It may seem to be a little extreme, but people do change their names to show support for political agenda and movements. To align with their policies and principles.

7. Clear Doubts

Many individuals have the same name. This is a real problem and will often lead to confusion. So people change their names to avoid this situation.

8. Astrology and numerology beliefs

As India is a traditional country, many believe in astrological and numerical signs. Hence many of them change their names to improve their future life along with wealth, longevity, and many assumptions.

9. Career Growth

To some, their current names are a hurdle in their career development. Many people feel their names should do their part, too. Often individuals change their names to represent their brands and businesses.


What is the Name Change Ads Newspaper Procedure?

These steps will help you to change your name with ads in newspapers in India publications through newspapers.

Name change petition

The first step is to file a name change petition with the authority, such as the district court or the High Court. This petition should include details about the desired name change, the reasons for the change, and any required supporting documents.

Publish a notice

After the court approves the name change petition, you must publish a public statement in at least one newspaper, per legal requirements. This notice serves as an official announcement of the name change for the individual. Typically you will need to publish in two newspapers. One in your regional language and established recognized newspapers.

Draft name change ad

The next step is to create the name change ad published in the newspaper. The advertisement should include essential details such as the old name, the new name, and any additional information required by the newspaper publishers for publication purposes.

Select the newspaper

Choose a newspaper to publish your name change ad. Many newspapers provide name-change ads in newspapers in the India ads section. Consider the newspaper’s reach, circulation, and target audience. Many newspapers are available, including, The Hindu, Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, and others. You may opt for a regional or national newspaper based on your requirements. It is mandatory to publish a name change ad in the newspaper for a passport if you want to change your name on your passport.

Submit the ad

Submit the name change ad to the chosen newspaper along with any required documents and Payment. Follow the newspaper’s format, word limit, and submission process guidelines.


Once the ad is submitted and approved by the newspaper agency, it will be published on the specified date per the newspaper’s publication schedule.

Copies of the published ad

After the advertisement is published, obtain copies of the newspaper that contain the name change ad. These copies will serve as evidence of the name change for future reference and updating official records.

How to Book Name Change Ads Online for Newspapers?

To publish your name change ads, you need to book a name change ad through online portals. This is a straightforward process. 

Follow the mentioned steps down below for the whole procedure-

Choose your desired newspaper for publishing your name change advertisement. Look out for the newspaper’s reach, language, and overall preference. After figuring out which one you want to go forward with, visit their online website.

Step 1- On their website, search for ‘advertise’ sections. Reach out for it, and read the process mentioned there. Also, keep an eye out for procedures regarding advertisements that are presented there.

Step 2- Select the category mentioning name change ads. Click on it to proceed with your booking process.

Step 3- After selecting that section, it’s time for you to create your ad draft for publishing. Many ad formats will be visible, pick the one you want and start creating the ad. The pre-prepared format may include written content, along with pictures and other categories.

Step 4- Fill in the required details for your name change ads. This includes your old name, a new name, a brief explanation or reason for the change, and any additional information per the newspaper’s guidelines.

Step 5- After preparing your ads, you now need to specify the time and date on which you wish to publish them. The publishing routine is different for various newspapers.

Step 6- Before submitting your information, scan for any errors or inconsistencies. And if everything checks out, go ahead and submit the name change ad online.

Step 7- Payment is the last step. Provide the necessary fees for publishing your ad in the newspaper. You can use online banking, google Pay for the fees remittance. But be careful with your Payment and follow the steps mentioned.

Step 8- Receive the confirmation message about your booking. Keep that as proof of your name change and application.

What Is The Cost Of Ads For Name Change In Newspaper?

The cost of publishing advertisements varies from one newspaper to another. Many factors come into play in deciding the price for it. The format of the ads, along with the length of it, determines how it’s published.

Also, the period makes up a chunk of the money, as newspaper agencies ask people to specify how long they need to publish your ad.

It is also worth noting the additional discounts and price drops offered by newspaper publishers. 

This way, you can give the good news with less cash going from your hands. But, it is advised to talk in advance with the publishers before taking your final decision.

Name Change Ads in Newspaper Format-

I (your old Name) S/o. (Father’s Name} Age (x) Years, Address: {your current address, city, state, pin code, all details) has changed my name from {Old Name} to (your New Name) vide Affidavit Number {ADC-0001} dated (DD/MM/YYYY) before Notary by (DD/MM/YYYY).

Changing your name through name change advertisements in India consist of some procedures. Make sure to follow them correctly. 

Process of Gazette Publication

Make an Affidavit

First, you have to create a name change affidavit. A name change affidavit is required in Gazette publication.

News Paper ads Publication

After affidavit creation, you have to publish a change name Ads in the newspaper.

Gazette Publication

Now you have to go gazette publication office to publish a gazette notification about your name change.

How Effective Is A Passport Name Change Ads in Newspapers?

Passport name change ads, as the meaning suggests, are advertisements published through the newspapers which convey information about the name change of an individual. This publication documents the name change and can be used as evidence. However, Depending on the newspaper, its reach, publication style, and format you chose will impact your passport name change advertisement. 

It can be more or less accessible to others. But, Publishing a name change ad in a widely circulated newspaper helps to notify the public about your new name. So choose a widely accepted newspaper to publish your passport change ad.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I publish my name change ads in multiple newspapers?

Yes, you can publish your name change ads in multiple newspapers. This will increase your reach, and your name change will be widely recognized.

2. How much does it cost to place a name change Ads in a newspaper?

The cost of placing a name change ads in a newspaper can vary depending on several factors, including the newspaper’s circulation, the format and size of the ad, and the duration of the publication.

3. What should I do after publishing the name change ads?

After publishing the name change ads, keep a copy of the newspaper content as proof for updating your other documents.

4. Is it necessary to publish the name change Ads in a newspaper?

It is highly recommended as it serves as legal proof and helps in updating official records and documents.

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