Name Change Gazette Notification in Punjab

Name offers credentials to a person. It is vital to keep your name updated and correct in all the documents to avoid any kind of unwanted complications and struggles in the future.

Many people want to change their name because of various reasons, and for this, they have to follow a systematic procedure. If you are residing in Punjab and you want to change your name, then this process can be done through the central government gazette.

Reasons Leading To Name Change In Punjab

There are multiple reasons which can lead to a need for initiating the process of name change. It is suggested to make the required changes as soon as possible to avoid any uncertainties in the future.

 Reasons leading to the need for a name change procedure in Punjab are provided as follows:-

  • Dissatisfaction with the name
  • The initial name is missing or not expanded properly.
  • Name mismatch in identity documents
  • Need to change the name of a woman after marriage to take up the name or surname of her husband.
  • Remarriage
  • Divorce
  • Various numerological reasons
  • Astrological reasons leading to the name change
  • Change of religion
  • Change in gender.
  • Name change of a minor child
  • Adoption of a child
  • Changing the name to be adaptable to approach a certain profession like movies, singing, etc.
  • Spelling mistakes in the name 
  • Middle or last name missing.

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Essential Documents Required For Name Change Procedure In Punjab

In order to initiate the process of legal name change procedure in Punjab, a certain set of essential documents need to be submitted for the verification process, after which required amendments would be made.

  • Residential proof – This includes electricity bill, water bill, and rent agreement
  • A passport-size photograph must be attested along with a significant set of documents.
  • Marriage certificate (optional)
  • Name change affidavit (optional)
  • Divorce papers (optional )
  • I’d proof
  • If the child is a minor, then provide a birth certificate
  • New name/updated name of the applicant 

Procedure To Apply For A Legal Name Change Process In Punjab

 1. Affidavit Submission

An affidavit is an essential document that has to be prepared with the assistance of a local notary officer who will help you mention your old name, new name, and the reason for the name change. After preparing the affidavit systematically on plain stamp paper, it is required to be signed by two witnesses. This means that 2 people must sign the affidavit, and one of the 2 witnesses must be a gazette officer. 

The valid reasons should be stated in the affidavit, which can include marriage, spelling mistakes in the name, astrological reasons, etc.

If a woman who is married wishes to make amendments to her name or surname to take up the name of her husband’s initials, then the following information has to be added-

Provide the old name along with your current address and your father’s name.

  • New name
  • Husband’s name
  • Date of marriage

2. Newspaper Advertisement

Make an ad in 2 newspapers, one in the local newspaper, Hindi, and the other in a national newspaper, English. 

After the affidavit submission, the newspaper advertisement comes into play in which the applicant is required to publish the name change notification in 2 newspapers. One in a local newspaper and the other in a national newspaper.

 3. Gazette Notification

To make a name change to Gazette Notification Punjab, you must carry the required documents to the office because it can be asked anytime.

For further process, a notification of name change should be published in the Indian government gazette or the state gazette in which you reside.

You have to get your name change notification published in your state’s official gazette. For this, you have to visit your local government press or the department that publishes the name change notification in the gazette. 

 The officer will guide you through the further process in which you have to fill out the required form and update the details then and there.

 4. Provider Old ID Proof

 You must provide your old ID proof like an Aadhaar card, voter ID, pan card, etc.

Fee And Charges Involved For Name Change Procedure In Punjab

In order to get your name change gazette notification, Punjab a specific amount of fee has to be paid for the procedure of legal name change.

Following is the government fee structure for the procedure of legal name change in Punjab:-

Government standard fees for adults

 =>The standard fees for adults range from ₹1300 to ₹1500

Government tatkal fees

 =>The Tatkal fees for minors range from 1000 rupees to 1300 rupees.

The total fee charges will cost you around INR 3000 to change your name legally in Punjab.

 A bifurcation of the fees is provided below for your reference:-

  •  For affidavit – INR 20 stamp paper
  •  For notary charges – INR 200
  •  For a CD, it will cost you around INR 50.
  •  For the gazette notification, the required amount would be around INR 1500.

Where Is The Name Change Gazette Office Located In Punjab

 The government gazette office in Punjab is located at civil lines, Punjab 110054.

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Name change Gazette notification Punjab procedure can be carried out by following simple steps, which include affidavit submission, making an advertisement in the newspaper, and gazette notification.

Name change notification Punjab procedure is a step involved in the legal name change procedure in which the applicant who is deciding to change their name is required to visit the local government press or the concerned department that publishes the gazette notification where the applicant has to fill the required form after which they would be detailed about the further process. The name change gazette notification in Punjab takes about 30 to 45 days to print the name change notification in the state’s gazette because it includes a lot of formalities like verification of documents by the concerned officer and approval for the same.

After making the needed amendments in the name, the certificate or the document would be delivered to the applicant’s postal address they have provided by filling out the form. If the person has chosen for in-person delivery mode, then the certificate has to be collected by the person themselves, or else they can also send a trustworthy person with the needed authorization to collect the amended document on their behalf.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q1. How can I change my name in the gazette in Punjab?

For name change Gazette notification Punjab there are some easy steps to apply for the same, which are:-

  •  Prepare the name change affidavit.
  •  Publish the name change advertisement in the newspaper.
  •  Give a gazette notification for the name change
  •  Provider old ID proofs
  •  Provide digital signature CD

Q2. How can I publish my name in the gazette?

To publish your name in the state’s gazette, you have to visit the local press or the department that publishes the name change notification in the gazette. Then you have to fill out a form and pay the required fees, after which you will be guided through the further process.

Q3. How much time does it take to publish a notification in a gazette?

The time duration taken for publishing name change notifications in the gazette generally takes 30 – 45 days in general.

This is because it involves a lot of formalities as verification is required, and then approval is done, so a time period of roughly one month is a must for this process to complete.

 Q4. What is the fee for a name change in the Gazette of India?

The fee for publishing a notification in the gazette for a name change ranges from 700 rupees to 1500 rupees.

 Q5. Why is gazette notification required?

In order to publish a gazette notification, the person is required to visit the government press or the department that publishes the notification for the name change. Publishing the gazette notification is essential because it is a legal necessity by which the documents that you have submitted are verified. These official documents come into force and enter the public domain.

 Q6. What is the power of a gazetted officer?

The power of the gazette officer is more like a responsibility for the officer. The responsibility of the gazette officer includes verifying the documents for various purposes like financial purposes, industrial reasons, immigration reasons, and other such purposes.

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