Application For Name Correction In SSC Certificate – Correction in Educational Certificates

Application For Name Correction In SSC Certificate: In order to avoid future complications and difficulties, you must maintain your correct name in all essential documents. SSC certificates may contain errors, therefore, they may need to be amended if necessary. Let’s take a look at the complete procedure for Name Correction In SSC Certificate.

If your name has been entered incorrectly by mistake, then within three years, you can go to your school headmaster or principal and speak about your problem to resolve this issue. 

After three years of completing your studies, if you have not made changes to the certificate, then you have to follow a legal procedure for the same which requires three steps: affidavit submission, newspaper advertisement, and gazette notification. Along with this procedure, the applicant is required to submit some important documents which would be required for the verification process.

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Process To Make Name Correction in SSC Certificate

This procedure is simple as it does not involve legal procedures or documents. If it has been three years since you completed your studies and you want to make corrections to the certificate, then you can follow the steps provided as follows:- 

  • Visit your school and check if there is any mistake in your name in the class register. 
  • If your name is correct in the class register, go to your principal or head of the department requesting a letter for name correction. 
  • Collect a duplicate name copy in the register, covering letter, and mark sheet. 
  • Visit the SSC board directly; the officer in charge will guide you through the further process. 
  • When the corrections are made, the department will dispatch the certificate to your respective school or will ask to collect it or directly deliver it to you. 
  • As this process does not involve any legal procedure thus, it’s quite fast and usually takes three or 7 days. 
  • More time might be taken in some cases depending upon the type of correction that has to be made. 

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Reasons Leading To Name Correction In SSC Certificates. 

There can be various reasons which can lead to a need for making name corrections in the SSC certificate, and it is essential to do the same because the details offer credentials to the students, and it is strongly suggested to make the needful corrections in case of mistakes to avoid any struggle and complication in future due to incorrect details. 

Some of the reasons for name corrections include:- 

  • Error in the surname of the student or spelling mistake in the student’s name. 
  • Spelling errors in the student’s father’s name. 
  • Spelling errors or incorrect name of the student’s mother. 
  • Numerological reasons and astrological reasons can also lead to a need for making name corrections in the SSC certificates. 
  • Remarriage of a person 
  • Dissatisfaction with the current name 
  • Name change of woman and after marriage to take up the name of her husband 
  • Wrong entry of the name or spelling mistakes in the name by the SSC board. 
  • Spelling mistakes by the school. 

Documents Required For Name Correction In SSC Certificate

For making name correction in the SSC certificate, a proper set of documents need to be submitted to the concerned authorities, which are provided as follows:- 

  • Original application submitted at the time of enrollment in elementary and high school. 
  • Original record sheet and TC of the student. 
  • Birth certificate of the student 
  • Original SSC certificate 
  • Printed nominal roll 
  • Manual nominal roll 
  • Parent’s declaration or letter containing the explanation of the principle or HOF for name correction in the SSC certificate. 

Legal Procedure For Name Correction In SSC Certificate 

The legal procedure for changing the name on the certificate involves three essential steps, as explained below:- 

Affidavit Submission 

Prepare an affidavit in a systematic manner with the help of a local notary officer who will help you mention your old name, corrected name, and reason for name change. 

Make sure to prepare the affidavit systematically because it has to be submitted to the concerned authority. Follow a systematic format for preparing the affidavit.

Advertisement In Newspaper 

After preparing a systematic affidavit for name correction, you need to give an advertisement in 2 newspapers: one advertisement should be published in a regional language, and the other should be given in a national newspaper. The details you are providing to be published in the newspaper advertisement should be accurate and authentic because one minor mistake can cause huge problems in the future, and you may need to follow all the procedures once again. 

Gazette Notification 

The last step to complete the legal procedure for the name change is to publish the name change notification in the official gazette of India by writing the application along with the DD fee and other essential documents. 

After completing all the 3 steps, your legal procedure for changing the name will be completed, and needful corrections will be made to your SSC certificates. 

What Type Of Corrections Can Be Made In The SSC Certificate? 

 The following types of Corrections can be made to the SSC certificates:- 

  1. Correction of date of birth in the certificate. 
  2. Correction of the surname of the student 
  3. Correction in candidate’s name 
  4. Correction in the student’s father’s name 
  5. Correction in the student’s mother’s name 


It is crucial to initiate the name change process to avoid future struggles and stress. Name corrections in SSC certificates can be made by following a legal procedure. Before this, prepare a proper set of essential documents needed for the verification and approval process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1) How can a student make a name correction in the SSC certificate? 

To make corrections in the SSC certificate, firstly, the student wanting correction should go to their school and then issue legal notice to the SSC board. 

Q2) What are the reasons for name corrections in SSC certificates? 

There can be various reasons for making corrections in the SSC certificates, which include astrological reasons, numerological reasons, spelling mistakes in the name, marriage, etc. 

Q3) How much time is required to make corrections in the SSC certificates? 

The legal procedure for making name corrections in the SSC certificate might take some months because it requires various legal formalities and documents. Whereas if the issue is resolved within the school, it can take 3 to 7 days. 

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