Process Of Name Change In Educational Certificates In India – Change Name In Educational Certificates

Educational certificates are very crucial for a student. It helps to get admission to a favorable college and is considered necessary while applying for jobs in the future. It is important to update the educational records if spelling errors exist or if your name has changed legally. To update a name on an education certificate in India, you must first contact your school or college to find out whether there is a particular procedure.

In this article, we are going to share the full procedure of Name change in educational certificates in India. Changing your name from home is easy; just call us, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Importance Of Educational Documents 

Educational certificates in India provide credentials to the person. In today’s era, educational certification is very important in getting and applying for jobs. To become eligible for a particular job, you must possess some accreditation. The educational document serves as an identity for a student. The importance of academic documents in today’s era is increasing day by day. 

Link to the job market demands 

Educational certificates in India and in many other places are seen as an important career-building tool. The academic certificates are evaluated before hiring a person. The certification provides the employer with a clear career ladder, which he can assess and decide whether the person is eligible to work for the company. 

A sense of accomplishment 

Educational certificates serve as a reward to the students and provide them satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Educational certificates enhance the value of the subject, and the student feels a sense of achievement when they get their certifications. 

It helps to get admission to a favorable college. 

The 10th and 12th mark sheets help to get enrolled in a favorable college or university. They have to score a percentage set by the university to enroll in their favorable college or university. This makes them competitive, aiming to score as well as possible. 

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Reasons For Name Change In Education Certificates 

Name change in educational certificates in India can be completed due to many reasons but at the same time, it is important to get the name change in the education certificate in India due to many reasons.

It has been common for people to change their names for a number of reasons. You must update all your important documents, including your educational certificates if you decide to legally change your name. Below are a few reasons why names can be changed on educational certificates. 

  • Spelling mistakes in the name of students 
  • Spelling mistakes in the name of the father of the candidate 
  • Spelling mistake in the name of the mother of the candidate 
  • Dissatisfaction with the current name 
  • Astrological reasons 
  • Name change due to numerological reasons 
  • Change of gender 
  • Change in Religion 
  • A person may want to legally change her name or surname due to marriage 
  • Remarriage 
  • Wrong entry of the name by the school 
  • Incorrect entry of the name in the official records.

Documents Required While Applying For Name Change In Educational Certificates 

If you have changed your name legally, you must submit some essential documents to update your name in the educational documents. The documents that you need to change the name on the educational certificate are as follows:- 

  • Name change affidavit 
  • Two copies of the name change advertisement that was published in the newspaper 
  • A request letter to the Department of name change.
  • Deed changing name form 
  • To prove identity, you can provide a copy of your PAN card, voter ID card, passport, ration card, etc. 

You need to submit these documents on time to the concerned authority in order to get a name change in educational certificates in India to the Department of Commerce and Transport Secretary, where these documents will be verified. Once approved, necessary updates and modifications will be made to your educational certificates. 


Procedure To Change Name In Educational Certificates 

The procedure for a name change educational certificate in India is the same as changing the name legally. It involves three steps that must be followed systematically. 

The procedure to change the name on the educational certificate is described below:-

Step 1- Name Change Affidavit Submission 

Firstly, the applicant needs to prepare an affidavit in a prescribed format. You should take the assistance of a local notary officer who will help you mention the correct reason, your old name, and your new name in the affidavit. Some common reasons for preparing a name change affidavit include marriage, dissatisfaction with the name, wrong name entry in the official record, divorce, etc. 

The affidavit must be duly notarized and prepared following the prescribed format. If you need to learn how to prepare an affidavit, you can write it using the standard format. 

Step 2- Name Change Advertisement In The Newspaper 

The second step begins with publishing a name change advertisement in the newspaper. You must give the name change ad in at least two local newspapers. One advertisement should be in a national newspaper, and the other should be in a regional publication. This process is done to publicly announce that you have legally changed your name. You must keep copies of the newspaper advertisement for future reference and documentation. 

Step 3- Seek Gazette Notification 

Once the name change advertisement is published in the newspaper, you must notify the official gazette of your state. For this, you must visit the nearby gazette office in your state and fill out an application form relating to name change. Keep duplicate copies of the gazette notification because it would be needed for documentation. 

After following all three steps, your documents will be verified, and once it is approved, updates will be made to the educational certificates. After that, these documents would be delivered to the postal address you have provided while filling out the application form at the gazette office. You can also collect your document by coming to the gazette office once it has been updated. 

Thus, you can get your name change in educational certificates in India by following these three simple steps.


Educational certificates in India are one of the crucial documents. It helps to get admission to a favorable college and also makes a person eligible while applying for jobs. There can be various reasons which can lead to name change educational certificates. If you have changed your name legally, it is important to update the same in the educational documents to avoid any problems in the future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I change my name on educational certificates in India? 

Yes, changing your name on an educational certificate in India is possible. Still, before following the legal procedure, you must contact your school or university to confirm if the school follows any specific procedure to make an update on the educational documents. 

What must I do to publish my name in the Official Gazette of my state? 

To publish your name in the state’s official gazette, you need to visit the nearby gazette office and fill out the application form for a name change. You also need to pay the requisite fee for this procedure. After submitting the documents, you will be informed about the update by the officer in charge. 

How can I change my name in the 10th and 12th marksheets? 

To change your name in your 10th and 12th mark sheets, follow a three-step legal procedure: affidavit submission, newspaper advertisement, and gazette notification. 

Are 10th mark sheets very essential for students? 

The 10th mark sheet is seen as a birth certificate for a student. It is very important in a student’s life as they get admission to their favorable college or university through their mark sheet. 

I have changed my name legally. Do I need to make the required update in the educational certificates, too? 

If you have changed your name legally, it is crucial to make the required update in the educational certificates to avoid any uncertainties and problems in the future.

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