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Gazette notification for name change in india: If you are also bored with your old name and want a unique name then you have to follow some rules for getting your name changed. The name change process consists of much time and patience. You have to keep your mind calm because it takes time to complete the process. The Gazette Publication is important if you intend to change of name.

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What is a gazette notification?

A gazette notification is recording and publishing the candidate name change in the official gazette of India. You have to publish your name in the official gazette for safety. It is published by the department of publication and printed by the Government of India printing press. It is an authorized legal document of the Indian government. 

A gazette notification is compulsory for government employees and students of government examinations. Some banks also mandate a gazette notification to update KYC records. It is a document that is given by the Indian government and is valid for a lifetime. It will only change when you update your name or publish another gazette. The rate for publishing in Gazette is approx Rs 2000 per page. The earlier rate was Rs 55000 per page. 

The name change gazette is not done in one night. It is government work and takes some time to update. It might take 4-8 weeks to update your name change in the gazette. You can change your name in the gazette whenever you want. There are no time boundaries for that. 

You can make another affidavit for a name change. If you change your name by a gazette notification then it is better to update your name or change your name in the documents like the Adhar card, pan card, Voter id card, passport, etc. 

Reason for name change in gazette Of India

Reason for name change in gazette Of India 

There are many reasons for name change in India. It is necessary to update your name in the government gazette if you wish to change your name. Listed below are some reasons for the gazette name change.

  • Dislike name:-Sometimes people don’t like their name. They feel that their names are old-fashioned or common. So in that case, the name change is required. In India, there are many people whose names are the same. So people want to use modern or unique names for themselves.
  • Marriage:- Marriage is also a reason for a name change. After marriage, the husband or wife wants to add the surname of each other in their name. It is done mostly in women who after married they add their husband’s surnames to their names.
  • Astrology:-In India more than half of the people believe in astrology. The astrologer predicts our future and also aware the people from disasters that will happen in their life. These are the life predictors. So people believe that if an astrologer told them to change their name then they would decide to change it. They believe that having a good name will help to achieve success in life and also create a lot of positive energy, change in attitude, and Nature.
  • Religion:- India is a country of different religions. It is the right of every individual to choose their own name. It is their right to follow any religion they choose. The change is only valid when you update the Indian gazette with your new name. For example:-If someone is Hindu and gets married to another religion. Then in this case they want to keep their name according to their existing religion. 
  • Gender change:-Gender change is also a main reason behind this. For example:-If a person is male and changes their gender to female then the person decides to keep their name according to the current gender which is a girl. So to overcome this problem a person wants to change their name.
  • Incorrect name:- misspelling or incorrect name is also the reason for a name change in the gazette. Sometimes, the spelling of a person’s name becomes wrong. So in this case it is important to update the new name in the government gazette.

Document required for Change Your name In gazette.

Many documents are required during the name change in the gazette. If you want to change your name then you must have following documents with you before applying for a name change. 

 1 .ID proof:-You can use your Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter id card etc as id proof. Keep these documents with you.

2. Address proof-Address proof is required for applying for a name change in the gazette. You can use your electricity bill or ration card as an address proof.

3. Photo:- The candidate’s photographs must be required for the name change in the gazette. Submit one passport-size photo during the process. 

4. Affidavit:-Affidavit is required for changing the name. Make an affidavit that consists of your old name and a new name. It must be written on stamp paper. State the reason for your name change in the affidavit.

5. Newspaper advertisement:-Add your newspaper advertising along with you. The advertisement must be done in a local or English newspaper. 

6. Application form:- The application includes the old and new names, correspondence addresses, and contact information. Check twice before filling out the application form because any mistake causes problems in your verification process.

There are some other documents that need to be signed by the applicant. Keeping a soft copy of each document is a good idea for the future.


Procedure For Name change in the gazette 

If you want to change your name in the gazette , you have to follow the proper name change procedure. I have provided the full process of name change by follow this process you can get your name changed.

Affidavit:-The first step for name changing is to make an affidavit that states the reason for your name change. It consists of your old name, your new name, your guardian or parent’s name, age etc. Don’t make any mistake in the affidavit because anything wrong will cause a problem with a name change.

Newspaper advertisement:-After making the affidavit, the second step is to publish your name in the newspaper as an advertisement. Keep the photocopy of the newspaper advertisement with you. The advertisement consists of your new name. You have to publish your name in local and English newspapers. 

Submission:- Submit your advertisement to the gazette along with your documents. Check twice before the submission of your documents. Submit all the photocopies of your documents.

How to change the name in the gazette online?

There are many private online gazette consultancy that helps you to change your name in a gazette online.

  • Visit the official site of the government gazette or any online gazette consultancy. 
  • Fill out the application form for a name change. Fill in all the details correctly. 
  • Verify and submit the application form online. 
  • Now, make a payment. You can complete the payment by using gpay, phone pay, debit card etc.
  • After completing all the steps, the site receives your application and starts preparing your document. 
  • It gives customized affidavits and application forms needed for name changes in the gazette. 
  • After successful verification of the application form, the authority approved the name change application and the gazette will publish. 
  • After publication, the agent downloads your document and sends it to you via email.

How to download the name change gazette notifications online?

If you have applied for a name change in Gazette and want to download it online then follow these easy steps.

  • Visit the official website 
  • After visiting the site click on search gazette. 
  • Click on the weekly gazette or search extraordinary option.
  • Click on the part option and select part 4.
  • Now, select the date On which your notification is supposed to be published.
  • Click on the standard report button. You will get a link to download your gazette notification.
  • Find your name in the gazette. Download the whole gazette for your copy.


1. How much does it cost to publish in a gazette?

It cost Rs 2000 per page to publish in a gazette. All the pages in the printing matter will be treated as full pages.

2. What is the price of a name change in an Indian gazette?

The amount for gazette notification varies from Rs 700 to Rs 900. 

3. Is it compulsory to update your name in the Gazette of India?

Government employees must update their names in Indian Gazette. It is optional for non-government employees. 

4. What is the validity of gazette notifications?

The gazette notification is valid for a lifetime. The certificate is issued by the Indian government and is valid till you publish another gazette notification. 

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