Affidavit For Name Change Of Minor In India – Change Of Name Procedure

Parents have the authority to choose names for their children. Many parents name their kids with their surnames. In comparison, others go for some modern and unique ones. Either way, they are giving names to their kids. 

Some parents tend to change their kid’s titles in later stages. This may be due to discrepancies or personal problems associated with the current name. To change the name of the child, they are required to follow a list of steps. As the age of consent for the name change is 18 years and above, parents are responsible for changing their children’s names by starting with the preparation of an Affidavit for the name change of a minor in India. 


Reasons For Change Of Name Of Minor in India

There are many reasons for the change of name of Minor in India

A name change may happen due to personal preference and astrological and religious beliefs. Also, it is common to see people changing their kids’ names after divorce. But whatever reason it may be, to successfully change a minor’s name, parents should take the initiative.

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What’s An Affidavit For Change of Name in India?

An Affidavit is a legal document that is used for requesting a name change. It is a sworn statement submitted by the individual stating information about the name change. It also adds credibility and legitimacy to the name change.

All name change procedures require the submission of the affidavit by the person initiating the name change process, including name changes for minors. In this case, however, parents are bound to prepare an affidavit for changing children’s names.


Information To Include In An Affidavit For The Name Change For Minors?

Affidavit for a name change for minors should have the following details –

  • Name, age, and address of the parents who created the affidavit.
  • Provides information about the parents. I.D proofs, address proof for confirmation purposes.
  • Reasons for the name change.
  • Current name and the new name of the minor.
  • Name, date of birth, and place of delivery of the minor.
  • The date on which the affidavit is made.
  • Signature of the deponent.

How To Make A Name Change Affidavit For Minors?

Research the process

Find information about the legal process for name changes for minors. Clarify any doubt related to it and then proceed further. After gathering intel, prepare the necessary documents and create an affidavit.

Create an Affidavit

Many states and jurisdictions provide specific guidelines for preparing an affidavit. Often templates or application forms are provided for applicants to change the minor’s name. But most of the time, no such thing is provided. The best way to go past this is by creating the document by the recipients themselves. 

Include the details

The affidavit should have details about the name change. State the reasons for the name change, the new name, and information related to the child.

Notarize the affidavit

The person filing for the name change, in this case, the parents, must sign in the presence of the notary office. After their signature, the notary office will attest the document with a seal/stamp. Use the recommended value stamp. Following this process, the notary public will sign the document.

Submit the affidavit

After getting it attested by the notary public, the affidavit is recognized. The last step is to submit this to government offices for further verification. 

Documents Required For A Name Change For Minors

Here is a list of documents required for the name change of minors:-

  • I.D Proof of Aadhaar card or Pan Card
  • Address proof 
  • Birth certificate
  • Application form: Signed by parents or legal guardians 
  • Passport-size photos.

Name Change Procedure For Minors

Draft an Affidavit

The first step is to create an affidavit. Ensure that all necessary details are included about the name change. You will need to provide information regarding the name change. Give a detailed explanation of why you want to change the minor’s name. Provide information about the new name and about the minor’s identification. Affidavits should include both parent’s and child’s details.

Publish in newspaper

After sending in the affidavit, the next thing on the list is publishing a name change advertisement in newspapers. For legally changing a minor’s name, an ad in the paper is necessary. Generally, a portion of the paper is available for publishing such notices. 

So, give the details. Publish the name change ad in two newspapers, an English paper and a regional one in the local language. After publishing the news, keep a set of copies with you, as this will be used in the following process—essential things to include in the newspaper advertisement.

Name Of The Applicant:-

  • Full address 
  • Old name
  • New name
  • Age
  • Date of creation of affidavit
  • Notary name of who attested the affidavit

Gazette notification

It would help if you now published the minor’s name change ad through the official gazette by completing the above steps. To get the gazette notification, you are bound to submit a list of documents. Please fill up the application form and give payment for the publication.

  • You will need to submit a letter duly signed by the parents or guardians, along with the minor’s identification details, address, and age.
  • Original copy of the newspaper advertisement.
  • A written proforma with a specific format by the parents stating the minor’s name change. Along with the signature of the minor, parents, and two witnesses. This clearly states information about the name change of the minor.
  • Keep a digital copy of the whole thing(c.d) in Word.
  • Passport-size photo of both the child and the parents.
  • A written statement confirming both the hard and digital are the same.

After giving all these credentials, the application will undergo a verification process. The name change will be published in the gazette if no discrepancies are found. It will take some time to complete this whole process. But after the publication, the name of the minor is legally changed.

How Long Does It Take To Change A Minor’s Name?

There are several steps involved in changing the name of a minor in India. Therefore, there is no set timeframe for completing the entire process. A minor’s name can be legally changed after several weeks or months.


Parents can change the name of their children at a later stage of their life. There can be various reasons for the name change, such as spelling mistakes, etc. for the name change, and they had to submit the affidavit along with several documents. Also, they had to publish the advertisement for the same in two of the newspapers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to complete the name change process for a minor?

The duration may vary depending on the state and the specific circumstances. On average, it may take several weeks to a few months to complete the name change process for a minor.

Can parents change the name of a minor without a name change affidavit?

No, a name change affidavit is a legal requirement for changing the name of a minor in India. 

Is it essential to publish name-change ads in newspapers?

Yes, it is mandatory to publish name change ads in papers. This will inform the public about the name change.

Can the minor change in the future again?

Everyone, including minors, has the right to change their name. They can change multiple times if the procedures are correctly followed.

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