Name Change After Marriage in 10th Marksheet India

Name Change After Marriage in 10th Mark sheet
Name Change After Marriage in 10th Mark sheet

Name Change After Marriage in 10th Marksheet | Change of Name After Marriage in 10th Certificate

Name Change after marriage is education documents is very common in India these days as the process of name change in India or correction in documents made online and offline for the people of India by the government. If you want to change of name Like Name Change in 10th Mark Sheet after Marriage, Name Change in Education Degrees after marriage, Name Change after marriage in 10th Marksheet, Change of name in Education Degrees after Marriage, then you can apply in Central Government Gazette for Changing your name online with yourdoosrtep.

If you are looking for  Husband name add in your document after marriage, Father Name Remove from Documentsor Gazette Notification,  Affidavit for Name Change, Gazette Notification. Then Yourdoorstep Name Change Consultants and advocates Provide Change or Correction Name Service in Indian after marriage as well.


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Name Change after Marriage is not an easy process as it involves many steps that can easily confuse anyone. But don’t worry, YouDoorStep is here to provide the best name change solution whether it is name correction or something else, you can avail our Affidavit for Name Change service for all your name related problems.

In India, it is not a mandate to change your name after marriage. However, if the individual is still willing to change the name, he or she might have to follow certain procedures and must have all the necessary documents. The process is a bit complicated especially for those who have completely no idea about how the name change process works in India.

So if you are planning to change name after marriage, you must follow all the set of procedures but if you need help, YourDoorStep is here to provide the best name change after marriage service. Get in touch with our team and they will help you out will all the documentation. After that, they will carry out the procedure so you will continue your work without any worries. So if you are planning to change your name after marriage, get in touch with YourDoorStep.

Documents Necessary for Name Change after Marriage

  • ID Proof: Driving Licence or Passport or Voter ID or Aadhaar Card or Pan Card or Ration Card
  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill or Aadhaar Card or Ration Card
  • Photo: One Passport Size Photo
  • Application Form: Duly Signed Application Form with all details
  • Old Name: Name Before Marriage
  • New Name: Name After Marriage
  • Reason: reason for a Name change
  • Marriage certificate (if Available, for Female after Marriage)

Procedure of Name Change after Marriage

There are a total of 3 steps in the Name Change process which are mentioned below-

Step 1

The very first step in this process includes procuring Marriage Certificate from the registrars office. This has to be done within 40-60 days after the day of marriage.

Step 2

If you want to change you name after marriage, firstly you need to make an Affidavit for Name Change in local Notary. It must contain your Old name (Name Before Marriage), the New name (Name After Marriage) and must also mention the reason for name change along with applicant details such as your Husband’s/Father’s name, Address and Age Proof etc.

affidavit for name change after marriage
name change affidavit sample

Step 3

Once you complete the above step, the next step Publication in Newspaper comes in to play.
You need to Publish news of your Name Change Ads as an Advertisement in two local newspapers i.e. one in the Regional LanguageHindi and another one in English newspaper.

Some Important point to include in the Newspaper Publication:

  • New Name of Applicant
  • Old Name of Applicant
  • Date on which affidavit is made by Applicant
  • Full Address of Applicant
  • Age of Applicant
  • Notary Name who attested the affidavit
  • Father’s/Husband Name of Applicant

Before you give the advertisement in newspaper, always perform a cross check of the advertisement to see if all the details mentioned are correct or not. A minor mistake can ruin your complete procedure.

Name Change Ad in Newspaper Format

I {Old Name} S/o. {Father's Name} Age {x} Years, Address: {your address, city, state, pin code} has changed my Name from {Old Name} to {New Name} vide Affidavit Number {ABC-0001} dated {DD/MM/YYYY} before Notary by {DD/MM/YYYY}

Name Change ads are published in a precise format which means all the information will be filled based on the above format. Also, an affidavit issued by the Notary is mandatory as both the affidavit number and Notary is required to be filled in the advertisement.

Name Change Ads for Complete Name Change After Marriage

I , Meenu D/O Rajesh singh W/O Vikrant Singh R/o Khushipur, Amritsar, Punjab-140001. have changed my name and shall hereafter be Known As Minakshi.

Name Change Ads After Marriage For Sur Name Change

I , Meenu Tyagi D/O Rajesh Tyagi W/O Vikrant Chauhan R/o Khushipur, Amritsar, Punjab-140001. have changed my name and shall hereafter be Known As Meenu Chauhan.

Name Change Ads After Marriage For Passport

I , Meenu D/o Vimal Chauhan W/o Vikrant ChauhanR/o Khushipur, Amritsar, Punjab-140001. have changed my name and shall hereafter be Known As Meena Chauhan for the purpose of passport.It is certified that I have complied with other legal requirements in this connection

Name Change Ads for First Name Change

I , Meena Sharma W/o Gourav Sharma R/o Khushipur, Santnagr, Delhi-110084. have changed my name and shall hereafter be Known As Tina Sharma.

Name Change Ads for Multiple Name to Single Name

I, Sabyasachi Ganguly alias Sabya Sachi Ganguly W/O, Sakti Pada Ganguly R/O Opp. SBI Bank, bank Bazzar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 141001 do hereby solemnly affirm and declare that both the names are indicating and referring myself as a same and one identical person, not to different person whatsoever.

Name Change Ads for Religion Change

I Meenu Joshi D/O Rajesh W/O Vipin Chandra Joshi R/O 2/A, Main Bazzar, Kanpur- 208001 U.P. do hereby solemnly affirm and declare that I have embraced Islam Religion and renounced Hinduism Religion w.e.f. 24/08/2020. have changed my name and shall hereafter be known as Karnia Akbar.

Name Change Ads for Gender Change

I…………………….Son/Daughter/Transgender of ……………………..R/O at …………….. hereby undertake that I, ………………………..want to change my name to ……………………and gender as Female/Male
I, ………………..henceforth be known as ………………….S/O or D/O of ……………………..
Above given statement made by me is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. If any legal issue raised in this regard at any stage of life ,I will be responsible for the same and, the Department of Publication is not be liable for any consequences happens therefrom.

Step 4

Now you have to Publish the Name Change Notification in Gazette of India by writing the Application along with a DD of fee and required documents.

Now you have to send the following Documents to the Department of Publication of Name Change-

  • Name Change Affidavit which has to be Duly Notarized (Hard Copy)
  • If You live abroad, then you must submit the deed which has to be duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy/Indian High Commission Only.
  • Newspaper Publication (Hard Copy)
  • Hard Copy of the Name Change form which must be duly filled as per the given Format
  • Make a digital CD. “Soft Copy of Specimen in a Compact Disc (CD)”
  • Government employees are required to submit the Deed for Name Change in accordance with the Ministry of Home Affairs 0. M. No. 190016/1/87-Estt. dated 12/03/1987
  • A Demand Draft of Rs. 1100/- (for major) and Rs. 1700/- (for Minor) drawn in favour of Controller of Publications, Delhi
  • Two Passport Size Photographs self-attested
  • One Self Attested Photo ID Proof
  • A Certificate which must be signed by the Applicant informing/stating that the information in the Hard and Soft copy is the same. 
  • Application/Forwarding Letter describing about all the Documents enclosed within the envelope

It should be noted that there is no law in India which states that women belonging to other religions to change names after marriage. Irrespective of the religion a woman belongs to, whether Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, etc., it solely depends on oneself if they want to change their name after marriage or not.

Why Choose YourDoorStep for Name Change after Marriage

Here are some of the reasons to choose us for your Name Change

Simple and Easy Service Booking Process

Need a service? All you have to do is either fill the form available on each service page or directly contact us on the given contact numbers and simply name the service you require. after a few basic questions, our team will assign a professional to carry out the demanded service.

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We have structured our services in such a way that we are able to provide them to our customers at very attractive prices. Hence, getting a service like name change after marriage, done by a professional at your home or office isn’t going to be any different than regular services.

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As soon as we receive the information about the problem we immediately assign a professional to visit your location. Also, the professionals are trained so they can immediately recognize the issue and provide the solution for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it mandatory to change name after marriage?

NO, it is not mandatory to change name after marriage in India.

Why a newspaper advertisement is required after name change?

Newspaper ads stands as an announcement to all that you have legally changed your name and from now on, you will be know by the new name only.

Is name change a legal process in India?

Yes, Name Change process in India is entirely legal and anyone can avail it.

What are the documents required for name change after marriage?

The list of documents is given above. If you don’t have any necessary document, you can contact our team for detail regarding alternative documents. 

Is it important to make an Affidavit for Name Change?

Absolutely. The Affidavit for Name Change contains information like reason for change of name, new name, etc. It is one of the most important document in the entire process.

I need support regarding your service?

You can directly contact us on the given numbers or you can also email us at