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GST Registration Online in Panipat | GST Registration Process in Panipat

GST Registration in Panipat now become very easy for indian citizen. People of Panipat can apply gst number online with minimum documents of the business. Citizen of Panipat not need to go anywhere physically to apply new gst number in Panipat. Yourdoorstep is a platform which offer new gst registration number to citizen and business of Panipat. Taxpayer and Business Person of Panipat can apply for GST Certificate and gst related query.

How to get GST in Panipat ?

Starting off with what is GST (Goods and Service Tax), it is a destination-based tax based on the consumption of services and goods. Replacing the multiple State and Central Government taxes, the GST came into effect on July 1, 2017. The GST Council which contains a finance minister of central and all states governs the rules, rates, gst certificate and regulations with GST Registration.

It tax varies from 0% to 28% depending upon the nature of good and services that you consume. Also, the GST is paid by consumers and it provides revenue for the Government. Now let’s talk about GST registration.

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What is GST Registration

The GST Registration is mandatory for every business in Panipat whose turnover crosses 40 Lakhs per annum or 10 Lakhs for few businesses in hill areas according to the amendment from April 1, 2019. However, there are few businesses as well for whom the registration is mandatory even if the business didn’t exceed the pre-defined turnover. For example, any time of e-commerce business is mandatory to have GST certificate. Business having higher turnover but not having GST registration may face heavy penalties as per the law.

gst registration online
Online GST Registration in Panipat

The process is fairly easy and the entire process takes around 2-7 working days in Panipat.

Types of GST in India

  • SGST (State Goods and Services Tax)
  • CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax)
  • IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax)
  • UGST (Union Territory Goods and Services Tax)
Types of GST in India
Types of GST

Documents Required for GST Registration in Panipat

There are a few documents that are mandatory for the process. The list is below mentioned.

Documents Required for GST Registration in Panipat

Check List for Proprietorship / Individual

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Any 2 Business Address Proof (Electricity Bill, Property Document, Rent Agreement, NOC, Consent Letter)
  • Cancelled Cheque / Bank Statements
  • Email Id, Mobile No
  • Business Name and Business Activities

Check List for HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

  • PAN Card of Karta
  • Aadhaar Card of Karta
  • Passport Size Photograph of Karta
  • HUF Deed
  • PAN Card of HUF
  • Authorization Letter
  • Any 2 Business Address Proof (Electricity Bill, Property Document, Rent Agreement, NOC, Consent Letter)
  • Cancelled Cheque / Bank Statements
  • Email Id, Mobile No
  • Business Name and Business Activities

Check List for Partnership Firm

  • PAN Card of each Partner
  • Aadhaar Card of each Partner
  • Passport Size Photograph of each Partner
  • Partnership Deed
  • PAN Card of Partnership Firm
  • Primary Signatory Authorization Letter
  • Any 2 Business Address Proof (Electricity Bill, Property Document, Rent Agreement, NOC, Consent Letter)
  • Cancelled Cheque / Bank Statements
  • Email Id, Mobile No of each Partner
  • Business Name and Business Activities

Check List for Company / LLP

  • PAN Card of each Director / Designating Partner
  • Aadhaar Card of each Director / Designating Partner
  • Passport Size Photograph of each Director / Designating Partner
  • COI (CIN No) / LLPIN Certificate
  • PAN Card of Company / LLP
  • Primary Signatory Authorization Letter
  • Any 2 Business Address Proof (Electricity Bill, Property Document, Rent Agreement, NOC, Consent Letter)
  • Cancelled Cheque / Bank Statements
  • DIN No / DPIN No, Email Id, Mobile No of each Director / Designating Partner
  • Business Name and Business Activities

Procedure for GST Registration in Panipat

Here are the few steps which you can follow to get GST registered

  • Fill the contact form and our agents will reach out to us or directly call us on the given numbers.
  • An expert will be assigned to execute the process.
  • Provide/arrange all the mandatory documents for GST registration.
  • Documents will be submitted to the GST portal after verification
  • ARN Number is generated
  • GSTIN will be received within 2-7 working days on Email.
GST Registration Process in Panipat
Procedure for GST Registration in Panipat

Benefits of GST Registration in Panipat

  • A good number of products and/or services are either exempt from tax or charged at 5% or less.
  • The poor will receive their due.
  • Small traders will find themselves on a level playing field.
  • Simplified tax structure with fewer exemptions.
  • Products and services will be allowed to move freely across the country.
  • Increased competition between manufacturers and businesses will benefit consumers.
  • Items such as movie-ticket prices, two-wheelers, televisions, stoves, washing machines, SUVs and luxury cars, two-wheelers, etc. will be cheaper.

Who Needs GST Registration in Panipat?

  • Any supplier of goods and/or services who makes a taxable supply with an aggregate turnover of over Rs.20 lakhs in a financial year is required to obtain GST registration. In special category states, the aggregate turnover criteria is set at Rs.10 lakhs.
  • If you are providing services and goods outside the Country.
  • Selling your goods or services online (like selling on Flipkart, Amazon, and Jio Store etc).
  • If a business has Earlier registration under VAT, Excise Laws, Service Tax Laws.
  • If the business is dealing in multiple states.

What are the Different Types of GST Registration?

  • Compulsory Registration: Under certain scenarios, the businesses have to get registration under GST.
  • Voluntary Registration: The business does not have the liability to register under GST, however, can apply for GST Registration. This usually is when the businesses are willing to take advantage of the Input Tax Credit facility.
  • Registration under Composition Scheme: Composition scheme is a voluntary and optional scheme for registering under GST. Under the composition scheme, the compliance is simpler and lesser returns are to be filed. The tax is to be filed at a fixed rate. If the maximum business turnover is rs. 1.5 Crores and sale is within state, they can opt for GST Registration under Composition Scheme.
  • No Registration: In the case, when your business does not fall under the conditions for compulsory registration you do not require GST Registration.

Guidance for Opening of Business Current Account in Panipat

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  • Online Internet Banking Services.
  • Mobile App Banking Services.
  • Free Cheque Book.
  • Loan and Business Credit Facility
  • Get information about Income Tax Return.

Free Accounting & Billing Software in Panipat

The final list of Accounting and Billing Software products that are being made available free of cost to all tax payers (of annual turnover < INR 1.5 crore) is given below:-

Sr. No.Name of CompanyProduct NameCloud / On-premMobile App
1Adaequare Info Private LimiteduBooksCloudYes
2Cygnet Infotech Private LimitedCygnet FACEOn-premNo
3Focus Softnet Private LimitedFocusLyteCloudNo
4IRIS Business Services LimitedCaptainBiz (formerly Vyapari)CloudYes
5Relyon Softech LimitedSaral AccountsOn-premYes
6Seshaasai Business Forms Private LimitedGenieBooksCloudYes
7Zoho Corporation Private LimitedZoho BooksCloudYes

Penalty for not registering GST

If your business is not GST Registration, you can face penalties. IF you are paying less, which might be a genuine mistake, you will be charged 10% of the tax amount (Rs. 10,000 minimum) as penalty. However, if you are evading the tax completely, you might have to pay as much as 100% of the GST amount.


So do not wait around and get your business registered if you don’t want to face heavy penalties. Avail our affordable GST Registration / GST Certificate service today and leave all your problems / tensions with us. With years of experience, we have a huge customer base of highly satisfies customers / taxpayers, so don’t wait out and contact us right now.  

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What does GSTIN stands for?

GSTIN stands for Goods and Services Tax Identification Number

Benefits of GST Registration?

Less Tax Liability, High working capital, take input tax credit, Make interstate sales with restriction and much more.

What is GST Registration Number?

It is a 15-digit unique tax identification number similar to the PAN number. For example, For Ex – 08XXXX1111X1ZX

Is E-Way Bill applicable from 1st July 2017

The present system for E-way Bill in States to continue, till the E-Way Bill procedures are finalized.

Can I use my CGST/SGST credit to set off my IGST liability?

CGST credit can be first used to set off CGST liability. Whatever is left can be used to set off IGST liability. It cannot be used to set off SGST liability. Please see Section 49 of the CGST Act, 2017.

Does aggregate (specific) turnover (as per govt. norms) include value of inward / outward supplies received on which RCM is payable?

Refer Section 2(6) of CGST Act. Aggregate (specific) turnover does not include value of inward/outward supplies on which tax is payable on reverse charge basis.

Please tell if rental income up to 20 lacs attracts GST or attracts any other charge?

GST is leviable only if aggregate turnover is more than 20 lacs. (Rs. 10 lacs in 11 special category States). For computing aggregate supplies turnover of all supplies made by you would be added.

Whether a separate GSTIN would be allotted to a registered person for deducting TDS (he has PAN and TAN as well)?

Separate registration as tax deductor is required.

Can I/we register as a general taxable person and take the composition scheme later?

Yes, You or your organization can or can be opt for composition scheme from the starting of the next financial year on submitting the option to take benefits of composition scheme before starting of the new financial year.

Is GST registration mandatory for small retailers to buy from dealers/wholesalers?

There is no such requirement under GST law.

How can i take or get my self online GST Registration Online ?

For GST Certificate / Registration online, easily register your business on the official GST portal and just fiiling application form and upload all mandatory documents. You will then receive an TRN u0026 ARN acknowledgement. Then GST Number will be provided on acceptance of the application and a temporary password and login will be sent on your registered email id.

What kind of GST Tax type is applicable in India ?

In India 3 Kind of GST is applicable. CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax), SGST (State Goods and Service Tax), IGST (Integrated Goods and Service Tax).

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