Name Change Procedure in India

Name Change Affidavit

Name Change Procedure in India Or How to Change Name in India

Yourdoorstep Platform is offering services related to Name Change procedure in India. Help people for changing name according to guidelines of government Gazette for the citizen of India. Citizen of India they can apply for name Change Through Gazette of Central Government, Which is an online process. Indian people not have visited anywhere. We help people of India For Change of Name in ID Proofs such as PAN Card, Passport Aadhar Card, Voter id etc., and school and educational certificates, land, property documents and in any other documents in India

The Procedure of Name Change in India, Last Name Change, Sur Name Change or Complete name chnage in Indian Gazette is Offline and online, Everyone needs to Physically Submit the application to the department in India or online, If you want to change name online then you have applied in Central Government Gazette for Changing your name in India.

If you are looking for Name Change, Change of Name, Name Change Affidavit, Name Change OnlineGazette Notification Online, Name Change OfficeGazette Office, Change Of Name Office Near you for  Change Name in Gazette of IndiaGazette Publication, Gazette Notification Name Change Agent, Name Change Consultant Then Yourdoorstep Name Change Consultants Provides Change or Correction Name Service in India, Name Correction Services Online In India.

What is Name Change?

Name change procedure in India


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Name change generally refers to changing one’s name, adding initials or even just one letter is regular or the legal act by a person of adopting a new name different from their name at birth, marriage or adoption.


  • Error in birth certificate
  • Errors in school certificates
  • Post marriage by women
  • After divorce for women
  • Spelling errors
  • For adoptions
  • If religion is changed
  • For other official purposes

Need to legally change your name for marriage, astrological, passport, personal or professional reasons? We make this complicated process simple! With us your entire process for name change is very transparent and choosing us provides the following benefits:

Name Change Procedure in India Online

Get Peace of Mind – Our expert team will handle the entire process so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.
Saves You Time – Our professional team reviews and complete your documents, as well as guide you on the fastest way to get your name change done so you can move past this quickly! No standing in lines! We even send our staff to pick up paperwork from your doorsteps.
Easy, Quick & Legal – We ensure that we get things right the first time so you get your name change document easily

Reason of Name Change in India

Reasons for name change in India

Name Change Procedure in India

Name Change Procedure in India

  • What are the steps include in Name Change Package?

    1. Create a Name Change Affidavit
    2. Publish in Newspaper
    3. Notification in Gazette
    4. Affidavit

  • STEP 1 : Name Change Affidavit in India

    1. If you want to change name change in India then firstly. You need to make an affidavit for Name Change in local Notary from Shop in India. It should contain the Old name, the New name and the reason for name changing has to be mention in the affidavit along with applicant details such as your Husband’s/Father’s name, Address and Age Proof etc.
    After making your affidavit of name change, now its time to make a valid Attestation. At your doorstep, we help you with notaries part in your city as well.
    2. Once you collect the notarized affidavit, you can either print the information in Newspaper or Gazette. However, if you want we can also help you with the process.


    1. Once You completed the above Two step in name change procedure. Then Newspaper Publication comes in role for Changing Name.
    2. You need to Publish news as an Advertisement in two local newspaper i.e one in the Regional Language Hindi and another one is English newspaper.
    3. Some Important point which should include in the Newspaper Publication for Name Change:
    New Name of Applicant
    Old Name of Applicant
    Full Address of Applicant
    Age of Applicant
    Date on which affidavit is made by the Applicant
    Father’s/Husband Name of Applicant
    Notary Name who attested the affidavit
    Before you give an advertisement in a newspaper, always double cross-check the content for advertisement and above mention all points are correct and proper. A minor mistake can destroy your complete procedure.
    Below is the sample of advertisement in the newspaper for name change :
    For more information or Giving ads in News Paper click the link:

  • STEP 3: Gazette Notification

    1. Coming to step 3, gazette notification is one of the last step in this procedure. While the name in the documents like PAN card, Drivers’ license, Voters’ ID, etc can be changed without notification in Gazette, some authorities like Public service commissions and public sector banks do require Gazette notification. Hence, it is recommended to have a notification in Gazette ready.
    2. YourDoorStep will help you out with notifications in the Central Gazette located in Delhi. name change

Fee Structure For Name Change

Name Change Fee for Major Employee – Rs. 1,100/- Rs 250 Extra As per change and correction
Name Change Fee for Minor Child – Rs. 1,700/- Rs 250 Extra As per change and correction
Name Change Fee for Govt. Employee – Rs. 1,100/- Rs 250 Extra As per change and correction
For Person Living In Abroad – Rs. 7,500/-

Name Change Office Address In India

Central Gazette office is located at North Delhi and Official Address is – Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054. Ph : 9540005064 (Call for Help)


Where Is The Office Of Central Gazette In India?

The official Government gazette office is in Delhi which is situated at Civil Lines, Delhi 110054.

How To Apply Gazette For Change Of Name?

The procedure to apply for gazette to Delhi is offline method. The application should be submitted at the office of Central Gazette, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054 if your residential presence is listed in Delhi or Nearby. For the rest of our country, whole official papers along with the application form should be sent via Speed Post at the address of Gazette office

What Are The Timings Of The Office Of Government Gazette Of India?

The office hours for Gazette of India – Delhi, are between 10 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 3 PM on all the working days.

Where Can I Get The Gazette Copy?

You can download the Gazette from

Is The Newspaper Publication Mandatory For Applying For The Gazette In?

Yes, it is mandatory to publish an advertisement in the local newspapers after the affidavit. The advertisement of the name change must include the new one, the old one name of the applicant, your address, date of birth etc.

Is The Affidavit Of Name Change Application Is Mandatory For Applying For Gazette?

Yes, it is mandatory to create the Affidavit of Name change application in Delhi for applying for gazette which is also followed by Newspaper publication& Gazette Application

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Name Change Affidavit in India
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