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In Gurgaon as per Marriage Registration Rules 2018 provides for the mandatory registration of all marriages solemnize in State and its mandatory for Gurgaon Citizen

Almost all people of Gurgaon are more focused on venue wedding, dishes menus, and wearable as no one is thinking about “marriage registration in Gurgaon” a legal aspect of marriage. We are most of us are feeling lost in planning your bachelor party and destination wedding. But people of  Gurgaon also remember that Marriage Registration in Gurgaon and getting a valid marriage certificate in Gurgaon are also essential aspects of of life after getting married. Hence, kindly find at how to apply for marriage registration in Gurgaon online and NCR region of Gurgaon

You can simply go online apply for online marriage registration in Gurgaon on the website Government. .

YourDoorStep Provides Marriage Registration Service in Gurgaon and makes life easy of Gurgaon citizens and we offer Marriage Certificate Consultants in Gurgaon, Marriage Certificate Agent in Gurgaon, Marriage Registration in Gurgaon Marriage Certificate in Gurgaon who assist in getting a Marriage certificate in Gurgaon. We provide doorstep and hassle-free service Gurgaon.

marriage certificate agent
Marriage Certificate Agent in Gurgaon


A Marriage Registration proves the sacred bond between husband and wife. It is issued by the district marriage registrar, according to the religious marriage and special marriage acts. 

Marriage Registration Act in Gurgaon

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 Gurgaon – When marriage is already solemnized where Husband and Wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Jain or Sikhs or when they are converted into any of these religions, they will be considered under these registration Act.

The Special Marriage Act, 1954 Gurgaon  Whereas, this act lay down the procedure for both solemnization and registration of marriage certificate where either of the party or both are not Hindus, Buddhists, Jain, or Sikhs.Gurgaon

Types of Marriage Certificate in Gurgaon

Take marriage certificate is applied by those who need an urgent marriage certificate to resolve there a purpose or who not want to wait more time. we also called fast marriage certificate as well as it issued by the Haryana government in 24 to 48 hr only.
marriage certificate sample

Above is the sample of the Digital Marriage Certificate in Gurgaon.

Normal Marriage Certificate On the other hand, normal marriage certificate take 21 to 30 day time. Generally, Gurgaon people prefer Tatkal marriage certificate but normal marriage certificate have low cost in comparison to Takal marriage Certificate of Gurgaon

Note – Hand Written Marriage Certificates are no more valid convert same to digital one if your applying for visa , admission or other thing.

old marriage certificate

Services We Offer

  1. Hindu Marriage Registration in Gurgaon
  2. Nikah Marriage Registration Gurgaon
  3. Special Marriage Act Registration Gurgaon
  4. Attestation of Marriage Certificate Gurgaon
  5. Translation of Marriage Certificate in Gurgaon
hindu marriage registration
Hindu Marriage Registration in Gurgaon
special marriage act
Special Marriage Act in Gurgaon
nikah marriage registration
Nikah Marriage Registration in Gurgaon

Documents Required for Marriage Registration in Gurgaon

Documents Require are as follow
  • Id Proof : Aadhar Card or Voters Id of Gurgaon of Husband and wife
  • Proof of Address proof : Aadhar Card or Electricity Bill or Ration Card of Gurgaon
  • Application Form : Duly Signed Application Form with all details of Name Add, Correspondence address, Contact Details (same will be provided by call us 9540005064)
  • Marriage Photo
  • Marriage Card 

Optional : 
Divorce Decree issued by Court (Incase of Divorce) etc

Marriage Registration Procedure in Gurgaon

You can Book our service any time and We will helps you in Marriage Registration in Gurgaon. You just need to work on 3 basic steps in India:


Visit The website:- Create Login id and password  and apply online or call us 9540005045 or whats for help online. Create online credentials at http://edistrict.gourgoangovt.nic.i…. This is a must
Step-2 You need to make Affidavit of marriage registration for bride and groom.

First you have to make marriage certificate Affidavit for bride and groom You need to make an affidavit for Name add in local Notary from Shop Near to You . It should  have correct Girl name with sur name if you want only, Husband name and the Parent name mention of both in the affidavit along with applicant details such as your Husband’s/Father’s name, Address and Age Proof etc.

marriage certificate affidavitv delhi

Step-3 you need to visit SDM office and the to check the affidavit made by you is correct or not.

step 4. You need to fill all details like marriage date and marriage place,



step 4. You need to fill all Mandatory details of husband and wife . step by step.

step 4. Now Fill your witness details in below point.

step 4. You need to upload the documents. Remember each document should be below 100kb and in jpg format.

step 5. If you are not able to upload any document correctly if can’t b uploaded again. The website will simply show “already uploaded “. BE CAREFUL

witness-details-for marriage registration
step 6. This whole uploading process takes more than 2 hours and finally an appointment will be arranged
step 7. This whole uploading process takes more than 2 hours and finally an appointment will be arranged

step 8. Now submit the application and take print out of appointment letter and visit Sdm office . If any confusion please call us 9540005064, 9540003318. 

List of Marriage Registration offices in Gurgaon

  • Address 1:- Marriage Registrar Office , Gurgaon  – Municipal corporation of Gurgaon near by civil hospital 
  • Address 2 :- Marriage Registrar Office, Gurgaon– Municipal corporation of Gurgaon Near Hero Honda chowk 34 Sector 



  1. Admission to School; Acquiring right to vote.
  2. Admission to any Government Service.
  3. You can claim right to marry at the legally permissible age.
  4. Help in Obtaining Government issued identity documents like Passport 
  5. Driving Licence.
  6. Help full in settlement of inheritance and property rights.


1. What is Marriage Registration Fees.?

Marriage Registration Fee is a Different State to state it not have a fixed price. All cost start from Rs 3500 to 5500

2. In How Many days we will get marriage certificate ?

You can get marriage certificate in Tatkal or normal process both are define in article above.

3. Is witness presence is mandatory for marriage registration?

Yes its mandatory .

4. I want to change sur name  marriage certificate ?

Yes you can sir name change in marriage certificate but still we suggest follow the process of gazett Notification

5. Is Physical presence is mandatory For Marriage Registration??

Yes, its mandatory

6. How much time did it take Registration of Marriage?

It totally depends upon the state from which you applied and which marriage registration act you are applying.

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